Start a trend for the holidays!

Every year women all over the globe are in search of the newest trends. Some are the first to follow while others never catch on. Did you ever stop to think that maybe just maybe you could set the trends yourself? Impossible you say? I think not. Remember when Victoria Beckham had that amazing texturized inverted bob? It was an overnight phenomenon. Everyone and their mother seriously wanted that cut!

There’s a few reasons why this trend took off. One, Victoria Beckham is a highly photographed celebrity and two, the cut quite simply flattered her face shape and body frame.

Become a trendsetter in a few easy steps…

One: Make an appointment with a professional stylist. They should be able to give you a great cut based on your face shape and recommend the right products for your hair type. P.S. The best looking hair is always healthy hair.

Two: Invest in quality hot tools such as curling irons, blow dryer, hot rollers, and crimper. Yes, a crimper! It will add texture and volume. Think of it as the modern way of teasing. Crimp sections of hair where volume is desired allowing some hair to conceal the crimped area.

Three: Hair accessories! You can instantly glamorize any style with a stylish headband or broach. Perfect for holiday parties.

Four: Don’tgive up practice makes perfect! You can always schedule styling lessons with your stylist, but the most important thing to have when trendsetting is CONFIDENCE!

Happy Holiday styling ladies!


  1. My hair refuses to be styled, poor hair stylists I work with have tried but when they want to flip it in it flips out, when they want it to flip out it flips in. I think that my head is my most stubborn part of my body so my hair takes on that stubbornness. I do like hair accessories though to jazz it up!


    1. Hello Sarah! It sounds like you may not be using the right styling product. I would try using a smoothing serum with some hold. I love gelle riche from Loreal professional. L’oreal Texture Expert Gelee Riche is an anti-frizz styling gelee for coarse hair. Gelee Rich transforms coarse, rebellious hair into a spectrum of styles whether sleek & sophisticated or disheveled & devious. custom designed for adapting straight to curly styles with added moisture, anti-frizz control, dazzling shimmer and ultimate style flexibility.
      Happy Holidays


  2. […] It’s all about textured hair for fall and adding that ‘must-have’ hair accessory. Whether you’re sporting your favorite hair clips, headbands, or jeweled band, you can never accessorize your hair too much! Picture from: […]


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