Take care of your hair!

It’s amazing to me how many people don’t know how to properly wash and blow dry their hair. It really is simple and I would like to explain how.

Step 1 : Find a product line you love and stick with it. Consistency is key. I LOVE Davines! http://davines.com/home.html

Step 2: Within the line you choose have your stylist recommend the right formula for your hair type. For instance I use Melu for long/damaged hair, it provides my long growing hair with proteins to keep it strong and spinach extract for incredible shine.

When Shampooing create a nice lather and massage your scalp. This will give your scalp good blood circulation resulting in a healthier scalp and faster hair growth. After shampooing squeeze excess water out and apply your conditioner to mid lengths and ends only. Your natural oils will moisturize your scalp. Use a wide tooth comb to detangle and let conditioner sit in your hair until the end of your shower.

Step 3: STOP using a towel to dry your hair! Use a 100% cotton t-shirt. It is more gentle on the hair’s cuticle due to less friction. When you wrap your hair in the t-shirt it will literally suck the moisture out of your strands resulting in faster drying time and less frizz.

Step 4: ALWAYS use a heat protectant!
*Melu shield protects up to 428 degrees!!

Step 5: Apply your styling product and always comb through to ensure even saturation.

Step 6: A great blow out always begins with clean sectioning. So take your time and have patience. You will want to push the water down and out of the strand making sure your airflow is directed over the hair not right on top. This will keep the cuticle closed so it can reflect light which results in shine!

Practice makes perfect!


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