Hairstyles for the girl on the go

The average woman does not have a professional stylist at her disposal nor does she have patience for her hair. What a woman does have is the ability to learn and understand…

Take a look at Camilla Belle, she has a great cut for her face shape and probably normal to fine texture with a slight wave. Let’s assume your hair has similar characteristics. You can easily enhance your wave with a sea salt spray and diffuser. Simply part your hair how you want it. Then spray the product generously all over your hair followed by diffusing the hair dry with a medium heat. Once the hair is dry you can spray a little more sea salt spray and scrunch with your hands.

Add a headband to instantly glam up your waves…

A messy updo is a girls best friend…

Gather hair gently where you want your chignon to sit and begin to coil the hair until it looks like a small bun. Cup one hand over the bun and begin to insert bobby pins until it feels secure. If some strands fall out, no worries this is a “messy” bun. Finish with hairspray.

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