True intentions

I’ve been in the beauty business since I was born, literally my mom brought me to work in the salon with her since I popped out of the womb. I loved being there watching her cut hair and listening to all the ladies gossip. On most days at Hair Patterns, located in the Poconos, I would keep busy with my best guest Barbie. She loved all the attention!

I am assuming most of you are wondering why I’ve decide to blog. What’s my deal? I believe if I can make an impact on one person’s life a day I am doing something great. I want to inspire people to feel confident in who they are and what they know. Beauty is being unique and that I am, so I would like to share EVERYTHING I know. There is no need for industry secrets. No need for egos. As a beauty professional I am here to make people feel great not insecure or uncool.

My blog is only the beginning of my educational/ inspirational platform. I plan to create an amazing Youtube channel to really go in depth with my favorite topics. Check out the Luxy sisters. Their style is very similar to mine and their videos rock. I ❤ Canadians!

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