Good vs. Bad: Haircuts

Personally, I dread when one of my guest reach for those clip-out picture hairstyle magazines. However I know they are going to ask to see them or bring them in no matter how much I hate them, so I would like to compare the Good vs. the Bad. Great haircuts will look effortless. They should enhance the health of your hair not make it look like it has been chewed on. Take a look at the pictures below. You will notice how natural and soft the “GOOD” cuts look opposed to how choppy and harsh the “BAD” cuts look.

GOOD: Classic Bob

BAD: This is insanely choppy and the color accents how disgusting this cut really is.

GOOD:Long layers have softness and movement.

BAD: Long Layers

This looks like a mullet on steroids. Way too forced and choppy.

GOOD: Short hair is easy to style, has movement, and texture.

BAD: This cut needs more texture and less length in the back. It’s just a little too Joe Dirt for me.

BADDDDDD: I should not need to explain why this is so completely dreadful.

I think the best inspiration photos are found in magazines like Vogue, Glamour, Elle, and etc. Always trust your stylist opinion on what cut will best suit your face shape, that’s what they are there for!


  1. Hiya. I was contemplating adding a backlink back to your website since both of our web sites are based mostly around the same topic. Would you prefer I link to you using your site address: or blog title: Good vs. Bad: Haircuts Kristen Linares. Please let me know at your earliest convenience. Thanks alot 🙂


    1. You sure can! You can just use the site address : )


  2. I personally dread stylists like you. If I bring a picture, it’s because *I* (the paying customer) love the hairstyle in the picture. There’s nothing worse than paying $70 for a haircut and walking out with something you hate that isn’t what you wanted. It really doesn’t matter whether YOU like the style. It should be about what the customer wants.


    1. Hello Jane, it is great that we live in a country that allows us to speak our opinion. I blog and express my vision as an artist so I don’t attract people like you into my business. I want a guest who allows me to have a say in their image because they trust in my education and passion for making them feel beautiful. A great haircut is more than just a “style”. You need to consider the face shape, bone structure, guests insecurities, and so much more. I am sorry my blog post disturbed you, however I am glad you read it. -Kristen Linares


      1. Amanda

        if someone wants a choppy bob, it means they don’t want the look of a smooth, classic bob. even if you’re RIGHT that a smooth, classic bob is “better” than a choppy bob, if it isn’t what the customer wants, they’ll leave feeling disappointed.
        stylists do have training under their belt, and a lot are really, really good at what they do. but I’ve definitely been to a stylist that was persistent in not listening to what I wanted. I asked her for one thing, she insisted it wasn’t flattering, so I gave her the reigns and in the end, I left with a haircut I didn’t like and didn’t want. she swore it was adorable and suited the shape of my face, but I just didn’t agree. I was disappointed and it was not a good experience.

        I think there’s a level of balance and compromise that, as someone in the service industry, you have to adhere to. however, I won’t go as far as jane did and say that I dread stylists like you. because I love my current stylist, and we have a very hefty back and forth at the beginning so we can come to an agreement on what will work out the best in the end and I never leave disappointed.


      2. Amanda,

        My post was not to put down a choppy bob. There are many ways to achieve an awesome textured bob with product and a good cut. I was just pointing out the styles that are dated at this point. I completely agree in compromise. As a stylist behind the chair I take pride in listening to my guests and giving them what they desire. This post was based on my opinion and not meant to offend anyone.

        I have been taking a break from blogging due to the opening of my own studio. Please check out my “How To” tutorials on youtube, perhaps I’m less offensive on video 🙂


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