Host a swap party

A swap party is a great way to break up with your old clothes, accessories, and shoes. You know the ones you save for that “maybe one day” or  “for some occasion in the far far future.” It’s fun to trade and donate the leftovers and quite honestly a perfectly good excuse to have drinks with your girlfriends!

Margaritas are a good start…

I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for all those cute reusable bags. These are perfect for your guest to carry all there new goodies home.

Brownies! Yes please!

If you have a steamer bust it out! Make your clothes look beautiful for their potential new owner!

Clothes pins are a great way to display skirts and pants when using a hanger!

Locate a goodwill near you for leftovers…


  1. […] All of these wonderful images were taken by City In A Jar blogger, Jessica Leitch. She’s made of pure talent. Be sure to check out her City In A Jar post about the swap party as well. (Kristen Linares also posted about the swap party.) […]


  2. Reblogged this on SILENT STILETTOS and commented:
    This would be so much fun! I’d love to host one of my own in the future!!!


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