Get Fit

The New Year has begun and I have promised myself to be good to my body forever and always.  The “I can eat whatever I want and still be thin” time  is running out. So running is what I did tonight. Lately my muscles have been really tense and overall I’ve felt really rusty. Too much coffee. Not enough water. Too much relaxing. Not enough movement.

I started my workout with some H2O

I would not be able to workout without some tunes. While on the treadmill for my 15min warm up I listened to…

• 15 diamond push-ups (your index fingers and thumbs should touch to form a diamond).
• Tricep kickbacks with 3-5 pound weights (bend over at waist, keep bent arms tight at your sides, push your arm straight back and return). Rotate your palm up as you extend your tricep for added burn.

50 stability ball crunches

After my workout I had to get out of the building for some fresh city air. The air was crisp and Pandora decided I should jam out to one last song. That’s when I had to run…and oh man that felt gooood!

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