Get a little FATBOY to style your hair




Vain Glorious | Fatboy Putty

Men’s Fashion



| March 22, 2011, 3:00 pm

Photographs by Aaron Wojack

Who: Tyson Kennedy, the lead singer of Steriogram and a hairstylist at Cutler Soho.

What: Fatboy Perfect Putty

Why Bother: Between juggling gigs as a Grammy-nominated musician and an award-winning hairstylist, Tyson Kennedy managed to whip up a new hair product, Fatboy Perfect Putty. Kennedy says he was tired of products that leave locks weighed down or looking over-coiffed. “I like a bit of boogie to my hair product,” he explains, “but hate my hair feeling greasy, like it has a ton of product in there. I made Fatboy in order to have the perfect balance between the hair having a rough matte texture and being soft to the touch, with a lightweight feel.”  Unlike styling aids limited to creating specific styles or suitable only for certain hair types, Fatboy — the result of over 18 months of experimentation in the kitchen of Kennedy’s Lower East Side apartment  — aims to coax out the best of each person’s unique hair personality. Named in a nod to Kennedy’s childhood moniker, Fatboy doubles as a witty testament to the putty’s thickening, buildable formula.

Where and How Much: $18 at Cutler Soho, 465 West Broadway; (212) 308-3838 .

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