Travel like a pro 2

I don’t care how long your trip is there is no need for 50 pieces of luggage! I always travel with one carry on. It makes for a stress free trip. Guaranteed! Roll-ziplock-condense is my packing motto

ROLL- EVERYTHING. Your clothing will have a lot less wrinkle and it makes more room in your luggage for shoes! I pack my shoes on top of each other at the base of my bag with the heels on opposing ends.

MAKEUP/HAIR/MISC- stuff it all into a gallon size ziplock bag and be sure to pack it on top of everything for easy access. I like using empty 2oz bottles to store my favorite cleanser, shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizers.

CONDENSE- Really think about each day and what you’re going to wear from head to toe. Is there anything you can wear more than once. For example a pair of jeans or a blazer. Think about your makeup you need your basics foundation, primers, and concealer. Pack one eyeshadow magazine. Eyeshadows can be easily used for eyeliner when wet. I adore my Glominerals magazine.




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