Half up Half down

This is one of my favorite hairstyles. It looks good on everyone and is so easy to do! Clean hair, dirty hair, or curly the half up half down style is definitely going to work for you.

Center Part

I love her center part. If you look closely you will notice they teased the crown a slight bit and only brought back the bang area. This is great for someone who is self conscious of their ears.

Center part with a bump

This is a great variation for someone with curly or wavy hair. Leave the bang area out to frame your face. Tease the top a bit . Gather the sides and top and secure with bob pins.

Up and Away

When I was little my grandma always wanted my hair out of my face! I hated that then but oh how I love it now. This is a quick way to brush all your hair up and away from your face and look put together + age appropriate at the same time.


This looks great on anyone with super silky shiny hair. Use a large barrel iron to give the ends some bend. Brush your bangs and top of your hair straight back and secure with bob pins.

P.S. Always remember to create an X when securing bob pins. This ensures they lock and your style will last all day.

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