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I would like to thank Mia Brown Davis for her kind words in this awesome blog post….


playing favorites. by Mia Brown Davis

For those of you who know me intimately, you are acutely aware of how particular I can be. Those closest to me will testify I am, at times, annoyingly picky. Decisive is how I prefer to describe myself. Yes, I am “that girl” in the restaurant scene of ‘When Harry Met Sally’. As such, I offer you my intensely careful selection of favorites, some old and some new.
One: Paint and Brushes.
In the last year, I’ve been afforded a role in some pretty damn sassy projects and events. But with the opportunity to serve as a subject, so followed the responsibility to appear flawless. I assure you, I am flawed. My complexion has blemishes. Cellulite can be found on my posterior. My eyes have dark circles beneath them. And my hair is home to one of the most frustrating cowlick’s ever known. In every day life, authenticity is my preference; the power of actual flaws hold a beauty which is difficult to compete with. However, when we have an audience, we tend to want to disguise our imperfections. The woman behind my best version of flawless is Ms. Kristen Linares. Aside from being one of the kindest women I know, she is unequivocally one of the most talented. Her mastery of make up and hair is unmatched. This is not a singular opinion. She owns a consensus on this one. You can find her here. These are but a few examples of her work with me. Thank you Kristen for always making me feel so incredibly beautiful.





Two: Jewels.
One of my best discoveries this past year was ThisBlueBird. The infectious and lovely Lauren creates the most gasp-worthy upcycled jewelry, boasting vintage origin. She wandered into my boutique this past Summer and I knew instantly I wanted to carry — and buy — all  her designs. Several of my beloved friends and family were among the privileged to receive a ThisBlueBird piece for christmas…squeals of delight echoed when those pretty little presents were unwrapped. Lauren creates an aesthetic that is unabashedly nostalgic, yet thoroughly contemporary. Eve’s Apple Vintage is proud to offer selected designs or you can shop her site for other variety.






Three: Castaway or Coveted?
The articles of clothing which push your comfort zone oftentimes become your most adored.  Initially, hesitation loomed when these pretties found themselves part of my collection. They were at the bottom of my getting-dressed list. They’ve since graduated to my top picks.



*The vintage sheer black beaded jacket. I won this by accident on ebay. It hung in my closet for months, until the day I was feeling svelte enough to throw it on. Endless compliments, and ways to wear it, ensued.


*The black BCBG sweats. These $60 (and that’s on sale) glorified sweat pants have become a staple in my closet. High waisted, tapered and pockets? Yes, please. Paired with anything from a t-shirt and combat boots to a sheer blouse and pumps, they always seem to scream something good.


*The Bakers suede over-the-knee boots. Vintage boots typically claim my exclusivity. That is, until I met this pair of newbies. Label me obsessed, but these babies add nearly 6″ to my short stature. Not to mention, I feel I should be kicking ass in an Angelina Jolie flick when I slip them on.


*The Dauphine Vintage reconstructed white oversized tunic. Alluring features include the delicate stitching, intricate detail and sheer femininity. These are indicative of my style, but the oversized sheath-fit is the opposite of what I am usually spotted wearing. Understandably, some may have wondered if I was secretly with child when donning this. I am not. Rather, I’m choosing to wear some of my favorite aspects of clothing in unaccustomed ways.


*The Blues. I love bright hues, but usually only reds and pinks win me over. Last Autumn changed everything when I snatched up this darling. I cheated on my blushing shades and couldn’t be more thrilled to be hooked on the blues. Yes, this is a Lanz sundress.  And yes, SJP wore it on the series Sex and the City. Apprehensive at first, I am now constantly seeking out this color of the rainbow.



Wear what you think you shouldn’t. Wear what you wouldn’t normally dare to. Wear what you tell yourself you can’t. Take a risk; if you hate it, you likely only spent a few hours in it. But if you love it, you discovered a brand new favorite, and therefore may nudge the evolution of your wardrobe along.

Four:  Primitive + Glam. The minimalistic, yet sophisticated nature depicted below is commanding. Of course, I am drawn to the use of sheers, draping and understated earthy tones. And subsequently, the power they arouse. My garment additions are being heavily influenced by these photos.



Warrior fashion









Five: Lanz sundresses.
Ever since the HBO series Sex and the City, these little tarts have become harder to hunt down and pricier to acquire. Regardless of their obscurity and expense, I make it a point to offer them at the shop. The thrill that surges through me when I find one — much less, a print I’ve never seen before — is nearly indescribable. If you have witnessed this, you have seen my silly little dance, as well. It’s quite the commotion. If one could become drunk from fashion, Lanz sundresses would be my tequila. Sneak peak at three debuting soon…



There you have it, my latest infatuations. I promise there will be more. Link back to your current favorite things in the comment section for a special discount to the shop.

follow Mia’s blog —> http://evesapplevintage.typepad.com/blog/2012/01/playing-favorites.html

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