Sunday Funday

My Sundays are all about doing absolutely nothing. However I do like to look presentable if I am venturing out into the world. I found it funny to overhear a woman in Target say,” Oh my gosh if I had I known I was going to run into people I would have done my hair and makeup!” Don’t you typically run into many people when in a public place? I think you should always take at least a few minutes on your appearance. I mean at least brush your hair and wash your face! Here is my laid back Sunday look…

“The girl next door”



-Davines Melu shield for heat protection spray generously

– Davines OI 2-3 pumps

-Davines Invisible styling cream 1 pea size dollop

– 1 bobby pin

Spray Melu all over hair. Mix Oi and Styling cream and apply to mid lengths and ends. Blow dry using medium heat and a paddle brush. I ❤ my colorist favorite brush by Patrick McIvor!

Want one? You can find the brush here –>
Once hair is dry use your bobby pin to secure one side away from your face.

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