Pretty Pups

When it comes to shampoo and conditioners I can be some what of a snob. I definitely know what I like and what I don’t. So when it comes down to bathing The Oz Monster, he has to have the best of what’s out there as well.

After a fun photoshoot with Bakers Shoes at the Paul Mitchell school in the Central West End, I noticed a display of puppy friendly shampoo and conditioners. The shampoo and conditioner were only $20! anndd it came with a free puppy brush! How friggen cute!

Awapoochi shampoo incorporates Shine Memory, to reactivate the shine in your pet’s coat. Awapoochi Shampoo is a unique formula of Hawaiian Awapuhi extract and our exotic botanical blend that continues to bring back the shine for several days after the initial shampooing by simply brushing. Awapoochi is the only shampoo available with Shine Memory and it is Paraben and EDTA-free, which means it’s also more gentle for your pets.

Leave-in conditioner formulated to revitalize your dog’s skin and coat while replenishing moisture to the skin, also adds luster and shine to any coat.

Needless to say, the Oz monster has been looking good lately. No more tangles. Just healthy shiny puppy hair!

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