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Saving money has never been sexier. I think financial stability in a time of economic suffering shows just how intelligent and determined you are. Creating a safety net is a hard task to follow. The peace of mind it brings you is well worth the effort and sacrifice.

How to create financial stability.

One: Create a budget. I use .

Two: Stick to it! Even if it means staying in for a month straight! Don’t forget to include Saving for financial freedom.

just….…your true friends will completely understand and hopefully follow your lead.


THREE: Be organized financially as well as in everyday life. Find out how to here —>




~The Frame~ ------->
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What this Frame suggests is that: 

  • The way we see things (our beliefs about situations, other people or ourselves) affects how we feel
  • How we feel (our emotions) affects what we do (our behavior or actions)
  • What we do affects what we get (the results)
  • Guess what!! What we get tends to reinforce how we see or our beliefs.
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