Follow my lead

Life can speed up at the drop of a hat. One minute your in control and perfectly organized, and the next thing you know there is complete chaos. I know thing yoyo effect all to well. For weeks I can eat well, get my exercise, walk my dog, balance my bank accounts, and take care of my appearance. It’s that one week of change that can throw off your entire rhythm. Tonight I am getting back in the groove. So follow my lead…

Getting back on track…

STEP ONE: Get organized at work!

Clean your work area, and I mean bust out some Windex. If your going to clean do it the right way! Plan your work agenda for the week and knock out those things you’ve been putting off for weeks!

STEP TWO: Stretch and go for a walk. Don’t forget to flush out all the junk you’ve been eating with some delicious H2O!

STEP THREE: Soak for a long while in a bathtub filled with aroma therapy oils. Exfoliate. Shave. Relax. Once your out turn off the lights light a candle and relax with a facial mask.
STEP FOUR: Make yourself some salmon (it’s great for your skin), veggies, and a glass of wine of course!




  1. amen to this! i will follow follow your lead 🙂


  2. amen to this! i will take head & follow your lead!


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