Writer’s Block

Days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months. Writer’s block is the death of a great blog. I created Beauty and the Brain to inspire you (the reader) to live beautifully, healthy, and intelligently. I would like to share the fact that I am only human and as much as I would like to have answers for everything, I don’t. Here are my thoughts on writer’s block and how I get inspired…


How to cure writer’s block…

ONE: Grab some coffee! I can’t express how motivated I get with a few sips of caffeine! I am obsessed with Downtown St. Louis’ coffee shop Washington Ave Post! I highly recommend the Almond Mocha!




TWOPinterest of course!! I recently stumbled upon a great website called The Beauty Department… talk about tons of beauty inspiration! I am in love!


THREE: Nature is one of my biggest inspirations especially this time of year. I think about how the seasons influence fashion and our desire to transition our image like nature does.


FOUR: Just write! When you can’t find the words just write about the first topic that comes to mind even if it means writing about writer’s block! ; P

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