11149157_10203258599420381_1213556431_n35f679a410273408df3ef699f904bdd5f75275de2bf1f7362a3161507adb3d74 151692ae86862b9ca1eab0c4c233b9b7 6647698cb0b6403feae45c6bee18a5dc     11139500_10203258871107173_1528757396_n

Cool toned blues & plums, dusty rose and sheer vanilla shades are this season’s hottest colors. Blank space is the new nail art and squared oval is super on trend right now. I’ve been loving fresh creams and a good periwinkle or mauve, and I usually keep my nails almond shaped. Whether you wear your nails short or long, natural or acrylic; these shades will compliment any skin tone and nail shape.

-Amber Perry

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