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Cool toned blues & plums, dusty rose and sheer vanilla shades are this season’s hottest colors. Blank space is the new nail art and squared oval is super on trend right now. I’ve been loving fresh creams and a good periwinkle or mauve, and I usually keep my nails almond shaped. Whether you wear your nails short or long, natural or acrylic; these shades will compliment any skin tone and nail shape.

-Amber Perry

Going Somewhere?

You’ll wish you packed these 4 multi-purpose products with you on your next trip out of town.


Amarté Daily ExfoliPowder
Suki Ultra-Protect Body Balm
SebaMed Coloured Anti-Pimple Cream
Jane Iredale Lip and Cheek Stain

Starting with a clean face, use Amarté ExfoliPowder to exfoliate and brighten. I personally feel like anytime you use an exfoliant your makeup should be mostly, if not completely removed. (Going in with a physical exfoliator can push makeup into the pores.) I usually suggest using something like this in the morning when you’re fresh faced!

Keep SebaMed anti pimple cream in your handbag! Pop it on at any time to not only treat a breakout, but to conceal and calm.

Suki’s all natural body balm is the ultimate multi-tasker. Moisturize, soothe dry, itchy, irritated skin, heal cuts and scraps and even use for relief on bug bites!

Jane Iredale’s cheek and lip stain in the color Peach is the perfect shade for everyone, as it adjusts depending on your skintone. Blend out on the cheeks for a pinch of color, and use as a hydrating balm for the perfect flush on the lips.

Comment with any questions!
-Amber Perry


Whether you’re running out the door to run some errands or meeting a friend for a lunch date, this effortless style will become your best friend.  First you’ll need a few styling products, a blow dryer, and a round brush.  You’ll want to start with fresh, clean hair because you’ll be using a brush and blow dryer to give you body and wave.  Start by generously applying Davines Oi all in one milk throughout the hair from mid shaft to ends.
oi allThis product doesn’t only detangle and add shine, but controls frizz, gives body without weighing down the hair (which makes it okay to use more towards your scalp as well) all while protecting your precious locks from any heated styling tools.  Continue by getting the hair about 80% dry using your blow dryer and either your fingers, a paddle brush, or whatever you’d like, really.  Once you feel it’s almost dry and maybe looking a little frizzy, don’t worry, you’ll be getting out your round brush now.  Also feel free to add some more of that Oi all in one milk and using it on each section.  Starting at the bottom near the neck area, start round brushing the hair to give a silky smooth effect.  After each section is completely smoothed out and dry, twist the hair in the direction you round brushed and leave it to cool! Continue on with that technique until all you have left is your front pieces.  Now you’ll either bring your round brush towards, or away from the face depending on how you want your face framed.
1063_default_l Add some Davines medium hold hairspray to add a sheer hold, and an amazing light fragrance to the hair and you’re ready to go!
​Now for more of a polished look, you’ll just be adding one extra product and a few extra minutes into your schedule.  You’ll also need a 1 1/4 curling iron. 31lTOa0yNIL
Start by focusing on the top section (about one inch from the part) going piece by piece wrapping the hair around the barrel without clamping down on the strand.  Before curling each piece you’ll want to spray the medium hold hairspray by Davines.  If you go in one direction with the first piece, go the opposite way with the next.  That will ultimately create a more effortless look.  You’ll want to brush out each curl once it’s cooled for only about 3 seconds (literally).  Once finished with the top section you’re finished!! image3I love that it doesn’t require curling the whole head.  Lastly, and sparingly, add Davines Oi Absolute Beautifying Potion to give a luminous finish.  Throw on a nude lip, some mascara, and comb through the brows with a clear brow gel and your look is complete!
Until next time xxxxo -Amber Perry