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Lindsay to Elizabeth

I wonder how Elizabeth Taylor feels about Lindsay… Anyway I want to explain this transformation….

Lindsay’s face shape and petite features mimic Liz pretty well. When a makeup artist or hairstylist transform an actor/ actress into a real life character they find the most prominent features to enhance, such as Elizabeth’s eyebrows. They really made Lindsay’s light brows dark and bold. Her hair of course is black as ebony, however they did not cut her hair. It is simply set with a hot tool or hot rollers and pinned up to mirror the shape of Elizabeth’s wavy bob. Personally I think they should soften the arch of the brow a bit. She looks rather angry and harsh…too much like Lindsay. I will definitely be seeing the movie even tho Lindsay is a train wreck she is an excellent actress.

Relationship Advice

Relationships don’t happen overnight. They take time, money, and patience. Some make you crazy and some make you insanely happy. Now, think about yourself in front of the mirror in the morning..”I have a pimple! Again!?” or how about, “I hate my freaking hair. It never does what I want it to do! I wish my stylist made 6am house calls!” On a daily basis you are in a verbally abusive relationship with yourself! Why do we feel the relationship with our hair, skin, and body should be any different from one with a friend or lover? If you ruin your hair, breakout all over your face, or gain 10lbs it all takes time, money, and patience to fix. Stop being so hard on yourself and realize you have a “relationship” with your appearance. You need to be understanding and caring to your flaws. Once you practice and have the patience life will be just a little bit brighter.

LEARN to love yourself.

  • Learn how you properly care from your hair type.
  • Be ok with gaining a little weight. Learn what causes weight gain/ loss to prevent it from happening if it truly bothers you.
  • Talk a walk outside regularly.
  • Drink plenty of water for a clear complexion.
  • Let “Little bad things happen.”
  • Be yourself. Your the only one who determines what your “flaws” are.

Life is for living. If your appearance concerns you, see a professional stylist. They will be more than happy to guide you and act as your relationship therapist. For you hair and image that is.

Shit hair stylist say

Since this is such a hit elsewhere, why not blog about it…

One of my favorites…

If you or a loved one ever encounter a salon like this please RUN. Fast. I Beweave you would leave with a shaved head if you stayed.