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Find your Spring 2016 Haircut

This season expect to see clean shapes with a soft interior delivered from styling products and tools.  Your hair should look healthy and styled. Here are some ideas for different lengths….

“LONG HAIR” aka Long Bob with or with out sweepy bangs.

Long hair is actually not THAT long right now. These medium length styles are strong and keep your ends looking fresh like Spring should be!

MUST HAVE TOOL: Natural Boar Bristle Brush

MUST HAVE STYLING PRODUCT: EVO Water Killer Dry Shampoo Spray dry shampoo on second day hair and work through with your boar bristle brush for volume and texture.


“THE SHOB”  aka Short Blunt Bob 😉

The look of longer in the front to shorter in the back is starting to level out. Women who have ventured to the titled cut are now feeling ready to go shorter and make a statement. Your stylist can add texture to the interior of this cut with a razor so you have soft-weightless strands.

MUST HAVE TOOL: 1inch curling iron. Wrap the hair around the iron with the clamp open leaving out the last inch of the strand.

MUST HAVE STYLING PRODUCT: Davines Sea Salt Spray Mist finished waves with Sea Salt Spray and blow dry hair with medium heat on a low speed to set the style.

“SHORT SHORT”  Just go for it, it always grows back!

Then there are those women who are way more confident than most…This cut is a perfect balance of softness and edge.

MUST HAVE TOOL: Filtered shower head or Water Softener. Hard water weighs down your hair, dehydrates, and fades haircolor. Having a filter makes a HUGE difference in the way your hair and skin feel. Trust me. You will be glad you did.

MUST HAVE STYLING PRODUCT: FATBOY Perfect Putty Apply a dime-nickel amount in the palm of your hand. Warm up the product by rubbing both hands together and massage into dry hair for a matte finish with second day texture on day one!


Bang! Bang! Fringe!

Bangs also known as a Fringe to us professionals, are a great way to switch up your look without burning your wallet. There are 3 basic “fringe” designs. Side swept, straight across/ blunt, or one length. Here are some examples….

Side Swept:

A longer side swept fringe looks very soft and blends well with any style. Keeping them longer is great for those with tricky cowlicks or wavy/ curly hair.Salma

hort side swept fringes make a statement without interfering with your vision! This look definitely creates a focal point. I love the definition as well.

Straight across/ Blunt:

This look takes some getting used to. Once you get the hang of it you will fall in love. Blunt bangs are edgy and cool.
 Pinned Image

I love a full fringe that is longer the outer edges!


Vintage full bang shorter on the outer corners. Great for a confident personality.

One Length: Technically with “no bangs” you can style your fringe area many different ways!

Deep part and french braid

Braided hairstyle tutorials 

Deep side part rolled up and away

love the hair. love the makeup. love everything. 

Deep side part

Vintage pin curl bang

Bangs/Fringes are a fun thing but please LEAVE IT UP TO A PROFESSIONAL.

Make a change for the holidays!

This is one of my favorite guests Renee! She is always up for a change and loves to be a trendsetter. On her last visit to Matthew Robert Color + Design, we decided we still loved her color and just wanted to spice up her cut. Although Renee is up for a change she isn’t quite ready to say goodbye to her length, so we decided on a blunt fringe.


She’s pretty much a rockstar now….


Reasons why you should try a new fringe….

  • In the colder months there’s significantly less humidity…so less frizz to battle
  • It gives you an edge and a mini makeover
  • Great for big foreheads or really narrow ones ; )
  • It’s completely affordable

For Renee’s Blow Out I used….