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Be my Valentine

Valentines Day is one of those holidays that tends to stress out couples and single people everywhere. Half of us look forward to it while the other half think it’s absolutely ridiculous. I say why not embrace it and make the best out of the day single or not.


 For those of you who are TAKEN:IMG_3482

As a girl I love any reason to get dressed up! So doing something “fancy” is always fun. Now, when I say fancy I don’t mean spend your whole paycheck or clear out your savings. It can be as simple as going to a cute local restaurant #AlwaysSupportLocal and going to and art museum or even ice skating. Boys don’t forget the flowers! We love that stuff.

For all the SINGLE ladies:


Go shopping with a few of your favorite girlfriends! Nothing lifts the spirits like new makeup and accessories. Buy yourself some flowers and don’t forget a cupcake!Check out http://bellestyle.com/ for unique hand-crafted accessories! Love their stuff!