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Beauty & Brains

Beauty comes from within. I believe a smart girl is sexy and reading books is a great way to raise your IQ! Here are some books I love…

How to Walk in High Heels by Camilla Morton

This book is like the beauty bible. It has everything from how to change a flat tire to how to get over an ex. Not to mention awesome fashion tips!

Ultimate Power by Anthony Robbins

Tony Robbins has changed my life for the better. I highly recommend you read this book ASAP! It is life changing and stress relieving.

Style by Lauren Conrad

This book is a great beauty tool for real girls! I love Lauren Conrad and her taste is trendy/sophisticated/practical. I would love to come out with my own version of this book!

The Money book for the Young Fabulous and Broke by Suze Orman

Financial stability is so attractive! Suze Orman is an intimidating woman but holy hell does she know what she’s talking about!

Professional secrets revealed

Many people think beauty professionals have a magic wand or better yet plastic surgery techniques. I’m here to say that WE DON’T. If you look like Sloth from the Goonies…

I wouldn’t set your salon visit expectations too high. Now for those of you with uneven skin, blemishes, and such there is hope. Better yet, you can learn to make yourself look beautiful too!


Professional secret #1- Know the color wheel

If your hair is being colored or if you have uneven skin tone you should have an understanding of what colors neutralize unwanted tones or enhance.

PURPLE negates yellow

BLUE negates orange

GREEN negates red

Glominerals makes a great camouflage concealer kit, great for any skin dilemma..Expert Tips & Techniques    http://www.gloprofessional.com/corrective-camouflage-kit#

  • Use yellow to conceal mild redness, pink skin, under-eye circles, dark spots and black, blue and purple bruises.
  • Use mint to conceal redness from blemishes, scars, Port Wine Stains, and rosacea as well as red blotches.
  • Use lavender to conceal yellow, gray and green bruises, sallow complexions and under-eye circles on deeper skin tones.
  • Use neutral to conceal general skin imperfections, minor acne and undereye circles.
  • Blend colors out at the edges and with neutral for seamless coverage.

Stay tuned for more Professional secrets revealed….