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Go play your video games

I grew up watching my cousin Michael beat every video game known to man. We were pretty much like Batman and Robin. He would do the hard work, kick ass, and take names while I would give him strategic advice. We were a great team and nerds without a clue.

Video games may be nerdy in some cases BUT they have the best fashion inspiration. Check out these awesome razor haircuts for instance…

Swinging in the  backyard. Pulled up in your fast car. Whistling my name. Open up a beer And you say, Get over here And play a video game.


Pac Man Nailpolish

I can totally see myself gaming in these sick boots from Bakers…



Win shoes here —> http://shoeternity.com/

Paired with a carefree top…

add some jean shorts and your ready to slay dragons and save the princess…


St. Louis fall style

I’ve been living in St. Louis for about a year and a half now and I’ve realized that the weather here is completely unpredictable. One day it’s freezing and the next is hot but windy. It’s very confusing and leaves me clueless when it comes to getting dressed in the morning, until I discovered the art of wearing scarves. If it’s a hot and windy day like today you will find me in long sleeves, scarf, and shades. If it’s freezing you have extra warmth! It’s a win win in my books.

Another St. louis style must have is boots. We love boots! From skirts to skinny jeans, it just works!

Let’s not forget our vintage item to complete our look. I love MISS OHIO VINTAGE and EVE’S APPLE VINTAGE. They both have great stuff and amazing people to help you create your look!