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Teach others and teach yourself

The beauty industry is a fascinating world. It’s always changing and there’s never a dull moment. I have the honor of working with a hair color education company called Product Club Color Accessories. Unlike most hair color education we strive to teach technique rather than a specific color line. We have a line of professional colorist tools that set the tone for an amazing experience behind the chair.

I believe when you are required to teach a subject you continuously educate yourself. For example this whole blogging thing has forced me to learn the importance of tagging and dive in deeper to social media. Something I would have never thought twice about if I never ventured into the blogging universe.

Nervous in front of crowds? I have come to find that waiting to think or plan about my seminars until a week before does me well. Live your life and when it comes time to stand and deliver remember that the people in front of you are there because they feel your knowledge is valuable. If you make a mistake, laugh because it’s silly and move on. We are all human!

Discover Show-STL w/ Product Club

Kristen Linares DISCOVER SHOW 2012 ST. LOUIS  MAY 6th and 7th

A natural born artist and girly girl who loves the beauty industry. She is a 3rd generation hair & makeup artist from Tampa Bay who strives to perfect images, inform the misunderstood, and teach all a thing or two about their beauty regimen. She is becoming one of YouTube’s most popular beauty Vloggers! You can find a new tutorial from Kristen every Friday!

As the owner of Thirteenth and Washington, located in St. Louis, MO Kristen has created an upscale environment to accommodate editorial stylist, photographers, and educational events. Teaching is one of her greatest passions and she has a very natural way of empowering her students to feel confident in their technique. Having been exposed to the world of high fashion helped develop her taste for classic looks to Avant garde. New York Fashion week has been one of Kristen’s greatest experiences as an artist. “There’s certain energy when you are a creative person in New York. It’s as if you know you’re going to be a person who will accomplish great things for having been there!”” she says.

Kristen wants to help other artist understand how simple it is to become a visionary and see color in the same way she can. Product Club has been such a great way for her to share her ambition and knowledge.

www.KristenLinares.com www.ThirteenthandWashington.com


DISCOVER SHOW 2012 – ST. LOUIS – MAY 6th and 7th

Location:      The America’s Center St. Louis,MO
701 Convention Plaza

St Louis,MO

Date & Time:      Sunday, May 6th ’12
8:30 AM- 6:00 PM
What’s in for Spring/Summer 2012?
I’ve been loving the Ombre, however I feel there has been less contrast between the base and ends. There’s a bit of sparkle connecting the bright bold ends with the rich base. I love using Product Club’s switchback set technique to create soft connection that doesn’t over power the look. Spring/ Summer 2012 is all about healthy, shiney, & soft-yet bright color.
Who/What inspires you?
I am inspired by music videos, movies, and TV. The world is such a real place and all too serious at times. I love to kick back and let fantasy inspire me to create whimsical haircolor that is wearable & unique. Also, I am inspired by the hair itself. I like to work with the hair not against it. I love when deep rich color has faded off the ends from a summer of sun and creates a soft Ombre. It makes it easy to maintain the health of the hair while adding in some sets of color.

The truth about Haircuts

We all go to the salon with the hope of a miracle transformation. Some of us come out looking like a Victoria’s Secret model, while others not so much. Did you know hairstylist stress out more than you do about your visit? From the moment you walk through the door they begin to feel the pressure. YOU say…”I really want something different. BUT I don’t want to lose any length or change my color.” WE think..”O.K. so what your really saying is that you want a trim…” WE SAY… “How about some bangs?!” Great so now you have a trim with some bangs that your feeling just O.K. about. When you are not jumping for joy about your cut we go home and cry. Just kidding! But it really makes us think, “Man! How can I step up my game and really wow people?!”

Don’t get me wrong. Bangs can be a wonderful thing! They can change your look and even act as less expensive Botox. What you & your stylist really need however is great communication.


Today at Matthew Robert Color + Design in Des Peres, MO I took an amazing cutting class held by Azeza Tessereau. She is our Artistic Director of Design and damn good at what she does. The class was meant to Inspire and Refresh us all. As Stylists we can get burned out and a little hazy on what trends actually are. Which is why it is SO extremely important to see a stylist who cares and participates in continuing education!



  • Our guests are being inspired by TV shows, pinterest, YouTube, tabloids, and Instagram. So we must also be inspired by these sources.
  • Choose a cut not only based on face shape but also on influences such as weather, budget, maintenance, time, and culture.
  • To balance a… Round face= deep side part / Heart face= Chin length cut / Square= Off center rounded bangs / Pear= Width & height in the crown / Oblong= Shorter cut
  • Women with fine hair should consider a one length hair cut to retain as much thickness as possible.
  • We have two jobs… 1. Step out of our mindset 2. Encourage others to step out of theirs
  • A solid perimeter makes the hair look healthy and strong



  • Arrive on time!
  • Have inspiration photos. Do you like the way it’s styled or the actual cut? *Many time people bring in 3 of the same haircut without realizing it’s just styled differently.
  • Be HONEST! Did you hate what they did last time?
  • Communicate your struggles. Do you have a hard time blow drying? Maybe you want more in-depth information on products best suited for your hair type.
  • Have some guidelines. Do you really want us to do whatever we want?


Follow me on pinterest to find your inspiration photos for your next visit http://pinterest.com/kristenlinares/hair/

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