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I don’t know what to do with my hair!

How often do you find yourself in a styling rut? You think maybe color is the solution but you really don’t want the maintenance. So perhaps a new cut, but quite actually you would die if you lost any length! Ahh what to do!? You run to your stylist with no clue what to tell them. You basically want a miracle, right?


As a stylist I would like to share the questions that I’ve found really dig deep. They help me understand my guest and pinpoint a realistic expectation while also delivering their deepest-secret desire, sex appeal. Deny it all you want, but we all know you want to look sexy.

A few typical Consultation questions with Kristen Linares:



Explain your style. (People tend to look like a deer in headlights with this one.) No worries though just explain your way of life. Are you relaxed? Do you love bold prints & colors? How do you wear your hair, makeup, and clothing most of the time? Have no style and need help? No worries! Just answer as best as you can and we’ll get you there!

Who’s your Fashion Idol? Is there an actor/ actress, musician, politician, or blogger who exudes your ultimate look? This question is my favorite and helps me understand your limits. Someone who likes someone such as Jennifer Aniston will most likely not want extreme hair color.

What do you Like/ Dislike about your image? If you love your cut then let’s leave it be! We will work on things that enhance the great look you already have with haircolor or eyebrow shaping. Dislike your cowlicks? Pinpointing the problem areas is the first step in making them vanish. I will teach you how to feel confident achieving your look daily.

How often would you like to come in for services? Some say once every few months while others what to come in once a week. Knowing the time frame you’re willing to commit to helps me design your look and how it will evolve through each season.

What do you look for in Hair/ Makeup products? For me it’s the smell and beautiful packaging! For some it’s eco friendly or it just has to work! Whatever it is this question helps me understand what to use and what to stay away from ensuring you will love the way you look when all is said and done.





Leave it to your stylist to help you in this time of indecision. Please come see me at Thirteenth and Washington http://www.ThirteenthandWashington.com for an experience that will leave you feeling happy and heard. Don’t live in St. Louis? Bring these questions to your stylist! I guarantee they will help you both!