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Happy Turkey day!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’ve started my day off with Belgian waffles and tons of maple syrup. That’s just the beginning. I want to be sure I can indulge today and bounce back tomorrow, so I’ve found a few helpful links…

Over-indulging at Thanksgiving is common, but it can cause a whole host of issues inside and out. To combat the excesses of the holiday season, all you need is a simple detoxifying and reinvigorating regimen that combines exfoliation, inflammation reduction and brightening to support the skin‘s natural ability to restore itself. Here are a few great treatments to help you recover from those over-indulgences.  After-Thanksgiving Beauty Recovery – Beauty Trends and News – DailyMakeover.com.

I absolutley love these colors for all fall festivities!

Keep your makeup simple today. Fresh skin, bright eyes, and a peach pout.