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My fine haired friends

Dear Fine Haired Friends,

You are not bald. Did you know the average person loses anywhere from 40-100 hairs in one day? The average person has about 100,000 hairs! It’s so crazy I know. Think about how lucky you actually are! You never have to buy Drano to unclog your bathtub, it doesn’t take you an hour to blow dry your hair, and you get to use significantly less hair product. Sounds like the good life to me…

Ok, so I haven’t convinced you that you are extremely lucky. Here’s a few things you can do about it…

ONE: Give yourself a 5 minute scalp massage everyday. This will stimulate the scalp and promote blood circulation to ensure a healthy follicle.

TWO: Get yourself some Bosley defense! This 3 step system has a shampoo, conditioner, and scalp treatment that when used consistently creates the perfect environment for hair growth.
 THREE: Be gentle to your hair. This means ALWAYS use a wide tooth comb when its wet. Your hair can stretch up to 50% more when its wet causing the hair to snap if handled too roughly. Blot dry with a soft towel or t-shirt so you don’t rough up the cuticle with too much friction.

FOUR: Do not use extreme heat! LOW = 375° for fine hair according to Sam Villa, which whom I trust.

For some of Sam’s tips on how fine hair should be cut, check out his blog…  http://www.samvilla.com/blog/2010/08/did-you-know-4/

Love Always,

Your personal beauty expert, Kristen Linares