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Makeup extravaganza!

Today I went on shopping adventure with some very trendy girls.

 Left Top- Shaheera Bhutto, the Michael Jackson lover
 Left Bottom- Sophia Spoto, guilty of food envy
 Right Top- Moi Kristen Linares, going with the flow
 Right Bottom-Sydney Scott, the nice girl paparazzi

We very seriously browsed and shopped Nordstrom makeup counters. Makeup artist Megan Dugan was very helpful in showing us all the new stuff!

YSL had some amazing new lip tints. They were very smooth and glossy!

A great new line of affordable skin care! I bought Mario Badescu enzyme cleansing gel in a travel size for $7! Buying something new in a travel size is the best way to go when trying something new. However, Sophia highly recommends this line especially the enzyme cleansing gel,toner, & moisturizer. She has amazing skin so I’ll take her word for it.


Our day want not finished without a slice of cheecheesecake from The Cheesecake  Factory!



Bakers Model Search

 Bakers Shoes is seeking real life beauties to be the faces of their new Spring 2012 campaign. There are no height or weight requirements, however the models must be over 18. Up to 20 local girls will win a free pair of shoes and placement in the Bakers Spring 2012 Lookbook. A select… group will go on to be the faces of Bakers in-store and web campaign, and will win a pair of shoes each season for one year.

It’s so refreshing to see a company seek out models based on personality and real-everyday style. Bakers is a great role model for our youth!

St Louis on-air personalities Lux and Lern hosted the event alongside DJ TrashTalk. These girls were awesome. Very down to earth, no ego, and entertaining! BTW next time you tune into 105.7 The Point and hear something you like call them up and tell them! It’s always nice to receive a compliment to reniforce the fact that you’re awesome ; p

 The judges were all so friendly, they seemed to put all the models at ease. This was interesting to watch. It was like being backstage at American Idol minus the sarcastic criticism.

Just so everyone knows… Lindsay Pattan is insanely capable of attracting a crowd and organizing events. She’s an awesome person and Bakers is lucky to have her!