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Make your AM Beauty Routine a Breeze, with 3 Simple Steps.

Getting ready in the morning can be overwhelming and easily skipped. When we throw ourselves together it’s common to feel less productive and lack self-confidence. Those are two traits that directly affect our success and growth in both our personal and professional lives. They are definitely areas we should all want to improve upon daily. So why is preparing ourselves to be our best version so hard? Check out 3 Simple Steps to creating a routine you look forward to and find out what you might be doing wrong…Linares_Home-39


Finding a place in your home that is clean, bright, and organized is key. If you have the ability to set up your beauty area near a window that is ideal. If not invest in a mirror that has ample lighting and mimics the neutral tones of natural daylight. When choosing a surface to work on, consider something with storage so you can have everything you need with in arms reach.



It’s common to collect an abundance of hair and makeup products. To make your routine quick an easy only display the products you use on a daily basis. Store specialty items in a cool dry space. Also, check your labels for shelf life. Most hair products are only good for 12-24 months and makeup can range from 3-24 months. Do not hang on to something that is expired just so you can “use it up”. Old products breed bacteria, which is bad for your health and just straight up gross.



A clean space is inviting. If you consistently avoid cleaning up after yourself you will find you avoid the space altogether. If you don’t have a proper daily brush cleanser create your own by mixing water and rubbing alcohol equal parts with a few drops of lavender essential oil in a small spray bottle. I keep a clean washcloth in my space at all times. It’s great for cleaning my makeup brushes and wiping my hands after using haircare. Don’t forget to wipe your makeup containers off as well!


**A pro secret from makeup artist Amber Perry, ” Bathe your brushes weekly in a blend of dish soap, olive oil, and water. The dish soap deep cleans and cuts the oil residue from the olive oil while the olive oil simultaneously acts as a conditioner for your bristles.”

These simple tips will keep your daily routine organzied and inviting! Start your week off right with making these adjustment to your space, you will be so glad you did!

HOW TO: Fill in your eyebrows

Products used:
ECO Tools angled brush and brow brush
MAC eye brow crayon in Lingering
Glominerals eyeshadow in Twig

FiVE minute FaCE

Who has time to pull a Kim Kardashian in the morning? I sure as hell don’t and quite honestly I don’t feel like painting my face into something it is not. The best way (in my opinion of course) to look glamorous in 5 minutes is to…


imagesNow I don’t mean bathe in bronzer, however do bathe in amazing skin care. I am IN LOVE with Blissoma skincare! It is 100% organic, not a stitch of artificial ingredients. I use their Gel Cleanser which is a makeup remover as well morning & night, after cleansing I use a few spritz of the Toner, and then my most favorite product of all Smooth serum. Smooth serum has changed my skin in the best way possible! NO MORE ACNE. It contains celery enzymes which apparently act as a natural form of retinol. When you turn your makeup routine into a lifestyle it becomes so much easier to get ready in the morning. Your skin feels balanced, clean, and GLOWS.



STEP TWO: Enhance your best features and even out your flaws.

I battle dark under eye circles yet love to enhance my eyes. Lately I’ve been using a BB cream and applying it with my ring finger under my eyes. ALWAYS be gentle to the skin around your eyes. The skin is very delicate and wrinkles can appear easily. There is no need to apply foundation or concealer to every part of your face. This will only make you look cakey and is completely unnecessary if you have healthy skin. To draw give the appearance of wide open eyes apply a peach eyeliner to your water line. Glominerals carries a nice peach liner. Tight line (apply liner in between top lashes) with a dark brown or black to add density to your top lashes. Use your favorite mascara to finish the eye and maybe a quick sweep of a lighter shadow. **HOT TIP: lighter colors highlight & darker color recede/ contour.

STEP THREE: Be prepared


In order for your makeup application to only take 5 minutes you need to have everything ready to go. Stock your 5 min face bag with…

  • Your favorite glosses in a nude and a pop color
  • mascara
  • moisturizer
  • chap stick
  • concealer
  • foundation
  • favorite blush/bronzer
  • blush brush and eyshadow brush
  • eyeliner in peach and dark brown or black
  • Setting spray

STEP FOUR: Set it and forget it.

Use a setting spray to make your look flawless and last all day. I personally use Glominerals makeup so I love Hydration Mist. Mineral makeup under a microscope looks like fish scales. Hydration mist melds those scales so your makeup looks like hydrated healthy skin.


Check out Mr32690.com

I had the privilege of working with the talented Joshua Kennon on an editorial recently. Check out his blog post and the images we’ve created!

For the hair I used Original Minerals Frizzy Logic and Davines Melu shield. Glominerals makeup was perfect for this minimalistic look.






Model – Ashley Hanson @Ford Models

Art Direction & Styling – Joshua Kennon

Hair & Makeup – Kristen Linares 

Fashion assistant – Courtney Kluge 

Image Capture – Joshua Kennon


Look One – Woven Sleeveless Blazer (Sparkle & Fade), Diamond Cut Lace Top (Forever 21), Straight Leg Pant (New York & Company), Motif Bangle (Francesca’s), Belt (Stylist’s Own) Shoes (Stylist’s Own) 

Look Two – Center Slit Maxi Dress (Free People), A-Line Coat with Zippers (BCBG Max Azria), Inverted Cross Necklace (Urban Outfitters), Ring (Vintage), Shoes (Stylist’s Own) 

Look Three – Rayon Maxi Skirt (MinkPink), Sleeveless Silk Bouse (Elizabeth & James), Lattice Cut Cuff (Francesca’s)


This story is based on the designs from Ann Demeulemeester (Self), Maison Martin Margiela (Team), and Lanvin (Alber Elbaz) for the spring 2012 season with additional inspiration from the lines of Cristian Siriano (Self).  What I respect most, and what captivated me about these particular houses was their unwavering dedication to their heart.  They took a season that is generally projected via bright palettes and flowing fabrics, and created something strong and empowering.  These shows took me to another place, a limitless place where the mind is free to roam, a place that is different for each individual.  They strayed from the path that I see so many houses going down.  A path that is led strictly by money and investors.  They chose to not limit themselves by “what will sell”, but rather followed their instincts and asked “what can I introduce?”.  I believe this is true innovation.  Each of these designers is where they are today due to their creativity, dedication to their vision, and the support of teams that believe in them.  I suppose these images are a glimpse into the world these shows created for me, a place that I like to drift back into every now and then.  These designers introduced me to a whole new world, and for that  they will always hold a special place in my heart.