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Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Just saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo tonight…talk about effed up! It was an amazing movie! If your into happy-go-lucky movies I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you like shock, revenge, and black leather go see it ASAP.

Rooney Mara did an incredible job transforming into such a bad ass character.

If you’ve seen the movie and want to show off your darker side here’s a few ideas to get her look…

Invest in some black eyeliner. I love AVEDA’s Black Orchid. It glides on and is easy to blur. To make this look a bit more approachable soften the lid with a grey like silver mist from Glominerals.

 I LOVE how her fringe is cut all the way to her ears! Obviously her cut it a huge statement and you may not want to go to that extreme.Try a blunt fringe or even some asymmetry.

H&M created a line inspired by the movie. One of their leather jackets is a must have to complete her look….