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Fall 2017 Haircolor Trends

To me “trends” don’t really exist. Basically what happens every year is the following:

Summer= Brighter Lighter    Fall=Richer Warmer

Winter= Darker Cooler                 Spring= Soft & Subtle Lighter

As a colorist what is most entertaining to me is the trending terminology behind color services. For instance “Babylights” has been a hot term over the past year or so. Babylights is simply another word for a very fine weave of hair done in a foil. This technique is super basic, adds shimmer, and is beautiful on everyone.


With all the confusion with what I would call “Fancy words” for hair color treatments, your best bet is leaving it up to the pro. They will always guide you in the right direction for the season and your hair type. That is if you have a great one like myself 😉 By the way it’s pronounced  BA-LAY-AGE not Biolage, which is a brand of haircare products. You’re welcome.


On the left Color Melting        On the right Dimensional Balayage

Personally, I like to keep booking options simple for my clients. I simply offer “All Over Color” or “Dimensional Color”. For those getting one single color all over, it’s simple to add a few hand painted pieces during the processing time if need be. For Highlights and beyond, Dimensional color is a great description for the unlimited possibilities.


Since those hot-trending words will always be around, here’s what to ask for in the chair this season.

COLOR MELTING: Will give you a similar result to an “Ombre” but the depth of the color doesn’t go as far down the strand as the original look. I recommend keeping a connection of light around the face so the color placement melts out in a diagonal back fashion as opposed to a harsh horizontal line.


ROOT SMUDGING: A great way for bright blondes to add a little bit of depth while still maintaining their beloved bright hue. Smudging the root creates a soft grow out and gives you that Victoria’s Secret feel.

DIMENSIONAL BALAYAGE: Not only will your stylist paint bright ribbons of color, but will also melt darker lowlights in between the light. This is my favorite. It’s vibrant rich and has great potential for a high contrast look that is still very natural.


Transitioning to Fall is simple. Replenish what Summer zapped from your hair. Have your stylist create a healthy, shiny, rich, hydrated, and seamless hair color that flatters your paler skin-tone and works great with your Fall wardrobe!

*If you’re in St Louis and need a new colorist, I would love to take care of you. I am ALWAYS accepting new clients. People reschedule, cancel, move to a different state, etc so there’s always a chance for you to get in at some point. To book with me click here 🙂

New Years Eve Fashion

It’s almost time to celebrate the beginning of 2014 and what ever shall we wear?! Thanks to my friends at CLR-MNSTR boutique and art space we were able to put together a few different looks for your New Years Eve parties! 


“Lady in Red”

This red mini dress is perfect for a party at your favorite bar or even a house party. I loved the statement necklace as well. With this look I felt like the hair should be simple and laid back. 

For Full bodied- bouncy touchable hair start by spraying a dry shampoo like Davines’ Hair Refresher onto the root area. Brush the dry shampoo through the hair with a Mason Pearson style brush. I recommend Marilyn Brushes “The New Yorker” for a budget friendly approach. Working in horizontal sections with a large barrel iron spray Davines No Gas hairspray onto each section of hair. Brush spray through with your boar bristle brush. Start curling your hair from roots to ends. This will give you more body and volume rather than starting to curl from ends to root. Once all the hair is curled brush out gently for soft touchable hair.




“All that Glitters”

This dress screams New Years Eve and bubbly!

Tousled Texture in the hair gives the dress some edge. Starting in the crown take 1-2inch sections and gently backcomb using a brush like Spornette’s Little Wonder brush  leave out a 1inch section around the hairline. take one section on either side of the head, pull hair towards face and backcomb. Once you’ve backcombed the hair into a crazy looking sculpture take the side of your “Little wonder” brush and comb the hair back away from the face. Use Davines Medium hold hairspray to direct flyaways away from the face. Gather hair in a faux hawk fashion and start inserting bobby pins until you love the way it looks!



“Classic Black”

If you’re planning a romantic dinner with your man and keeping the party classy this look is perfect.

I love the look of a french twist when the neckline is high. Instead of bobby pins try using chopsticks or even just a pencil to hold your hair in place! Below the image you will find a tutorial on how to get the look. Also, if you follow the directions for “Lady in Red” this will give your hairstyle a long lasting hold and texture.


Click the link for my “Pencil Bun” video tutorial. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and YouTube Channel! http://youtu.be/hIHq3s8y2Hk


I don’t know what to do with my hair!

How often do you find yourself in a styling rut? You think maybe color is the solution but you really don’t want the maintenance. So perhaps a new cut, but quite actually you would die if you lost any length! Ahh what to do!? You run to your stylist with no clue what to tell them. You basically want a miracle, right?


As a stylist I would like to share the questions that I’ve found really dig deep. They help me understand my guest and pinpoint a realistic expectation while also delivering their deepest-secret desire, sex appeal. Deny it all you want, but we all know you want to look sexy.

A few typical Consultation questions with Kristen Linares:



Explain your style. (People tend to look like a deer in headlights with this one.) No worries though just explain your way of life. Are you relaxed? Do you love bold prints & colors? How do you wear your hair, makeup, and clothing most of the time? Have no style and need help? No worries! Just answer as best as you can and we’ll get you there!

Who’s your Fashion Idol? Is there an actor/ actress, musician, politician, or blogger who exudes your ultimate look? This question is my favorite and helps me understand your limits. Someone who likes someone such as Jennifer Aniston will most likely not want extreme hair color.

What do you Like/ Dislike about your image? If you love your cut then let’s leave it be! We will work on things that enhance the great look you already have with haircolor or eyebrow shaping. Dislike your cowlicks? Pinpointing the problem areas is the first step in making them vanish. I will teach you how to feel confident achieving your look daily.

How often would you like to come in for services? Some say once every few months while others what to come in once a week. Knowing the time frame you’re willing to commit to helps me design your look and how it will evolve through each season.

What do you look for in Hair/ Makeup products? For me it’s the smell and beautiful packaging! For some it’s eco friendly or it just has to work! Whatever it is this question helps me understand what to use and what to stay away from ensuring you will love the way you look when all is said and done.





Leave it to your stylist to help you in this time of indecision. Please come see me at Thirteenth and Washington http://www.ThirteenthandWashington.com for an experience that will leave you feeling happy and heard. Don’t live in St. Louis? Bring these questions to your stylist! I guarantee they will help you both!