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Is Hard water killing your hair?

You would think using great products is all you need to do to keep your hair healthy. Unfortunately there’s more to the puzzle my friends. Think about the water you’re using to wash that beautiful hair. Have you ever traveled and wondered why your hair looked like complete s#*!% after showering? Then maybe you’ve spent the night at a friends place and left the shower with gorgeous mermaid hair. WTF right? Here’s what happened. During your travels you were exposed to hard water which consists of way too many minerals that dry out, weigh down, and straight up ruin your hair. Now your friend, she’s smart. Your friend has either invested in a water softening system or a less expensive approach, a shower head with built in filter.

-Color Fading
-Buildup on your scalp
-Lack of Lather… which means your wasting your shampoo!


Freaked out? No worries! You can totally beat hard water! Here’s how:

STEP ONE: Install a showerhead with built in filter.


This one is from Culligan and is $28.49 with an Amazon Prime account. The filter lasts about 6 months!


STEP TWO: Use a clarifying shampoo once a week.


Davines’ SU Shampoo has a rich formulation which restores hydration and softness to the hair.  It carries out an immediate restructuring action and eliminates residues of salt and chlorine, restoring sun damaged hair to its optimal condition.

 STEP THREE: Use a styling product that has a built in treatment.

oi all

OI/ ALL in One Milk Benefits:

adds shine

adds softness and silkiness

has an excellent detangling power

facilitates combing of dry and wet hair

controls frizz

has an exceptional conditioning effect

gives body without weighing hair down

moisturizes hair

facilitates blow drying

heat protection

provides a longer-lasting hairstyle

5 Reasons: Book your hair appointment during the work week!


A great shampoo experience can go a long way! If you are sitting in an office crunching numbers all day, dealing with people to the point of insanity, and lack the creativity to continue being productive, taking a break to be pampered can really help.


Most new stylist are required to work every Saturday until they build a solid clientele. This means missed birthday parties, family gatherings, and weekend getaways. Understand that your stylist loves their friends, family, and life too by supporting their business during the week!


A huge benefit of scheduling your hair appointment during the week is the fact that you will look powerful at work! Looking polished will help you make a great first impression in any business setting. When you look put together you not only feel more energized but you look effortless while getting the job done!


When you look good you feel good! When your work stress has you feeling down looking pretty sure does help!


Knowing your hair is going to look awesome all week, plan something fun Saturday morning. You could have brunch with girlfriends, take a trip to the farmers market, or just spend your entire day outside!

STL Curator, just what the doctor ordered


The St. Louis Curator showcases the city we love and her citizens who are reaching for greatness.
I am so excited for the start of the STL Curator they are a group of Creative Professionals like myself, who are committed to featuring St. Louis’ best assets. Our community is growing strong with more and more passionate individuals. It was an honor to be one of their first interviews!
Click my screen shot below to read the full article on my business!
Thirteenth and Washington, Salon and Creative Space


Follow my lead to Thirteenth and Washington

For those of you who have been “following my lead”, I would like you to know I have been slacking on my blog posts and tutorials for a very good reason. I am in the process of opening a studio called Thirteenth and Washington in the heart of downtown St. Louis. It has been my lifelong dream to create a space that is trendy, fun, and exciting!

What is Thirteenth and Washington? http://www.thirteenthandwashington.com

A space for creative professionals such as hair/ makeup artist, photographers, and wardrobe stylist. It is so hard to open a business alone. Thirteenth and Washington provides a modern-vintage environment for entrepreneurs to excel. We will host fashion shows, photoshoots, classes, and more!

Who’s involved?

 Kristen Linares- editorial hair & makeup artist

 featuring Original Mineral haircolor/products



  Miss Ohio Vintage



Valerie Brown editorial hairstylist


Events to look out for…

Our Grand Opening (date TBD)

hand-made Happy Hour (July)


Blow Out Happy Hour

Where is Thirteenth and Washington?

1300 Washington Ave

St. Louis, MO 63103

*Next to Lucas Park on 13th st