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Change is good

Living in St. Louis I have developed a good following of salon guest. I see the majority of them once a month and it’s so interesting to me that although they’ve never met they all decide they need a change at the same time. Perhaps it’s my impression I give them on the importance of seasonal change or maybe it’s just the New Year. Whatever the reason change makes my job a whole lot better and keeps me on my toes.

Here are some ideas for a new you…

My fine haired guests always have the same complaint, “My ends are so stringy and my hair is just too flat.” I suggest a strong perimeter. Now the perimeter does not necessarily need to be blunt however it needs to have density. This picture is a perfect example of a strong perimeter with texture throughout. You want to keep a bold shape but have a whole lot of fun and craziness inside.

Love your long hair but just need a little somethin’ somethin’? Try face framing layers with a long bang that can sweep either way including a center part.

If you have super thick hair and don’t really want to change your cut try some barely there highlights. Highlights should be positioned where you want to attract the eye.