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HOW TO: Get an awesome haircut

As a beauty expert it is expected that you look the part. It is stressful at times and that’s why I leave my hair to other professionals. I DO NOT DIY when it comes to my largest accessory..my hair. Before my trip to New York Fashion Week I had my color done with perfectionist, Nina Lanasa at Thirteenth and Washington. She does a beautiful job creating a look that will evolve and grow out seamlessly. Knowing I would be making the trip to NYC I knew I def wanted to pay my friends at CUTLER a visit. So I did what any haircut craving woman in her right mind would do. I booked an appointment in advance!


Tyson Kennedy is not only a cool dude but also one badass mother cutter. He works for CUTLER salon in Soho and also is responsible for the creation of FATBOY perfect putty. Tyson is the epitome of “looking the part”. With his perfectly tailored suits, smart looking glasses, and cool hair you just know your going to look awesome.





When I say book an appointment I mean call the salon or book online. DO NOT text or call your stylist on their personal phone. Think about it. If every one of their clients did that it would be highly agitating. Emails before your appointment are OK however there will be plenty of time to consult before your scheduled service. Save the back and forth changes of new cut ideas for your best friend.



For instance when I sat in Tyson’s chair I said, ” I like having long hair however I want you to cut what looks dead. If it needs to be a bob that’s cool just not a pixie please. I want healthy hair. It always grows. Also, I wear my hair messy. I like a tousled beachy look that isn’t too much fuss.” Tyson decided a long bob would be appropriate and I should maintain the length until my bangs grow out fully. He then used a straight blade razor to add texture, volume, and establish my new length. When you have no opinion whatsoever it is hard to know what may make you happy.




The easiest way to get an OK cut is to show up late resulting in a quick consult and maybe not even enough time to style.  With a fresh do it’s extremely important to learn how to recreate the style. Tyson instructed me to twist dry my hair and mess it up with FATBOY putty once dry. SUPER EASY! 10 to 15 minutes early is perfect. Relax a little read a magazine this is YOU time. I don’t know about you but the shampoo experience is always my favorite part. I would never want to be rushed through that!


Myth: Frequent trims make your hair grow faster

Hair grows about a 1/2 inch per month trimming it or not. Trimming keeps the ends clean and free of split ends. Although, if you don’t want to sacrifice any new growth just be gentle to your hair by keeping up with your professional salon treatments…aka shampoo/ conditioner formulated for your hair type, weekly conditioning mask, and leave in protection serum.

The less heat the better, but if you must just make sure to protect your hair with the proper prep, style, and finishing products. Once you have a personalized system of hair care products there is no need to keep trying new ones.

Consistency is key. Give your hair time to respond to all your new goodies. As far as how often you should get a cut, 8-10 weeks is long enough to gain some length but short enough to fight off those nasty split ends before the travel up the strand.

Some great salons to get a makeover….

Matthew Robert Color + Design  St Louis, MO www.matthewrobertsalon.com

Patrick McIvor Color Studio  Bethlehem, PA  www.patrickmcivorcolorstudio.com

Hush salon Philadelphia, PA www.hushsalon.com

Shear Art salon and Spa  Tampa, FL www.shearart.com