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Debra is looking sexy.

As predicted Debra was on time for her appointment and easy to please. Take a look at how her style has evolved…

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Want to look as good as Debra? Call Matthew Robert Color + Design 314.966.7709 and make your appointment with Kristen Linares!

Debra was styled using Sam Villa’s Blow dryer and Sleekr iron. Products used were Davines Oi and Redken iron silk.

Debra’s getting a new haircut…

Some of you may know Debra from one of my Product Club blogs “Sweet home Alabama”. She is a wonderful guest of mine in the salon. Debra is always on time, allows me to design her hairstyle any way I want, and never complains. Just check out what she let’s me do in the On the Road with Product Club blog!  http://blog.productclub.com/?paged=2

Tomorrow Miss Debra has an appointment with me at Matthew Robert Color + Design and we’re going to try something new. The inspiration is based on Sam Villa’s techniques from his “CutOuts” DVD. Check back tomorrow to see how hot she looks!