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In a styling rut?

We’ve all been there, you know those mornings you wake up and it looks like an animal has made a nest on top of your head. It sucks. It’s draining. What can you do?


A few products to always have around…

Dry shampoo: Use when you’re too lazy to wash and blow dry. It creates fullness and texture.

Bed Head’s Afterparty: This stuff smells amazing and is great to tame flyaways without looking greasy.

Davines Melu shield: 428 degrees of heat protection wet or dry.


Quick Hairstyles that work with even the craziest bed head…

 You can’t go wrong with braids! They look cute always and take no time to do.

 Scrunch your hair! Tilt your head to each side, use a sea salt spray or mousse, and squeeze the hair. If you have more time use a one inch iron and wrap random pieces around the iron.

Use a paddle brush and cool air to smooth out your strands. The cold air closes the cuticle to reflect light which cause shine!

 Messy Ponytail: WARNING be sure to wrap a strand of hair around ponytail holder and secure with bobby pin. This style could look very plain jane and lazy if you do not pay attention to this small detail.