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Stressed out during your hair appt?

When you go to the salon you should feel excited and at ease knowing your stylist knows just what to do. It’s almost like we know you better than you know yourself. Here’s an interesting fact… we actually know nothing about you or what you like until you open your mouth and tell us. Help us help you!

Your consultation time is crucial! If your stylist is not consulting with you before hosing you down at the shampoo bowls be sure to book a consultation before your next appt or simply ask them to chat before you get started. This is the time to tell them what problems you’ve been having with your hair if any. Not the time to talk about your boyfriend problems or next vacation. Understand that most stylist are on a schedule and want to service you and the person after you equally, so get to the point and enjoy your appointment by leaving the world at the door. Also, this is the time to tell your stylist if you need to be leaving your appointment earlier than normal. If you are on low on time I would not recommend trying a new cut or color, wait until you have ample time to do this so your stylist can go about it the right way.

I don’t know about you but the shampoo is my favorite part. There is nothing worse than being disappointed in your shampoo experience. Let your stylist know what type of pressure you prefer. Is the water too hot or too cold? If you feel like they miss a spot when it comes to color TELL THEM! WARNING: DO NOT LIFT YOUR HEAD OR SIT UP WHEN BEING SHAMPOOED. THIS RESULTS IN A WET BACK OR DRENCHED STYLIST. JUST RELAX AND ENJOY!

Knowing what you want and what you like directs your stylist to a successful appointment, so be assertive and notice your stress disappear.