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Modern French Twist

A great way to style your three day old hair!! Yes, I said three days!

Create your own updo

Some of you may know I go 3 days between shampooing. If you didn’t check out my 3 day blow out blog post to find out how I do it.. https://kristenlinares.wordpress.com/2011/12/04/the-3-day-blow-out/ So typically by the third day my hair has been attacked with dry shampoo making it very easy to work with. All I need now is BoB/ Hair pins.

Bobby pins… are great for creating a secure style. Most people feel the need to open them up before use which causes them to not work as they should. Make an X with your bobby pins to lock a section of hair.

Hair pins… are great for detail work. Once you have secured your shape with bobby pins you can then insert hair pins strategically to create texture or a softer hold. Insert hair pins as you would one of those old school hair combs. You direct the pin the opposite way..grab some hair…then flip it in the direction you want it to rest.

This updo took five minutes… I simply twisted each side back in a very gentle manner. I then gathered the hair in the center back gently twisting into a coil. Hold coiled section with one hand, insert bobby pins with the other.


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