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Travel with Bliss

     As a national haircolor educator, I fly a lot. This means pure torture for my skin. Between the stale airplane air and random food I end up eating, my skin becomes very dull and sad.  

     During my last trip to Dallas I wandered into the Bliss beauty store in the St. Louis airport. I love stopping in there to just touch the extremely soft clothing made from bamboo and smell everything. Maybe that’s weird but hey, that’s just who I am. This time I spotted a sample facial box. I was really in the mood to pamper myself since my skin was feeling so blah.

    The full size moisturizer that came with the kit was worth the cost of the kit so that got me super excited. If you notice the cleanser and mask they are both labeled “Triple oxygen instant energizing”. This is no joke. When I put these products on my skin it felt like a flood of intense hydration that actually absorbed deep down where I needed it most. The mask was really cool! It felt like I had pop rocks candy on my face (in a good way). The mask goes on clear then turns into a foam. Once I cleansed my skin and finished with the mask I applied the moisturizer. This is THE BEST moisturizer I have ever experienced! The eye pads were equally amazing. You just have to try it all for yourself!

  Now this is not a sponsored post. No one gave me anything for free. I truly think this was an amazing kit and especially for those of you who travel as much as I do!

Kickstart your week

We all know your hair and skin has taken a beating this weekend. After all that swimming, boating, grilling, and sun bathing your body is probably going into freak out mode. Tonight is the perfect time to pamper yourself and revive your thirsty hair and skin.

Step One: Grab a gallon of water and make it your mission! Flush out all the junk and hydrate yourself. While you’re at it pop a Biotin (vitamin for hair, skin, and nails)

Step Two: Remove all those unwanted chemicals and minerals from swimming with a great clarifying shampoo.

Original Detox

For the Ultimate Cleanse

Bank on me to remove deposits. Using styling products, swimming in chlorine and the natural build up of oils can make you look dull on top. Australian River Mint deeply cleanses without stripping essential oils, and Peppermint Oil leaves a cooling effect.

Original Detox

Step Three: After your hair Detox do the same for your body. This stuff is amazing and makes your skin feel like a baby’s butt!

Step Four: Give yourself a Mani/ Pedi. Pick something bright! I love the colors…