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Punch humidity in the face

*Cue Jaws music*  

It’s coming. The thing we all dread most. HUMIDITY. It seriously transforms us all into creatures of the night! I want you to be prepared and be a victim no more.

What is humidity?

Cultural Dictionary

humidity (relative and absolute)

The amount of water vapor in the air. Humidity is measured in two ways: (1) Absolute humidity is the percentage of water vapor actually present in the air. (2) Relative humidity is the absolute humidity divided by the amount of water that could be present in the air. Relative humidity indicates the degree of comfort or discomfort one feels from the humidity, because it indicates the amount of perspiration that can evaporate from the skin.

What does it do to our hair?

jazmine's hair vs humidity

When the weather is humid, moisture comes into direct contact with hair’s natural hydrogen bonds. Obviously this doesn’t mean your hair will feel wet, its such a minuscule amount that you can’t feel it. When this happens, the moisture shifts and causes the hydrogen bonds to relax. So essentially, if you have any wave or curl in your hair naturally, even if you’ve straightened it, in humid weather the wave/curl will be amplified; the same goes for those with straight hair – if you’ve curled your hair with rollers or a curling iron and get stuck in humid weather, your hair will have the opposite effect and end up straight. Each person’s hair will have a different reaction to humidity. The general rule of thumb is that if you have straight hair, it will end up limp. Curly hair – it will end up frizzy and thick/coarse will end up ‘frazzled’.

How can we beat this beast!?

MOMO Moisturizing Anti-Frizz Protective Fluid 5 oz

The Davines Momo Moisturizing Anti-Frizz Protecting Fluid specifically formulated to create shiny and frizz-free hair perfectly moisturized and full of beauty and shine.Davines Momo Anti-Frizz Fluid eliminates frizz and restores beauty and shine to your hair. It keeps curly and frizzy hair soft and smooth by counteracting the effects of humidity with the perfect mix of botanicals and hydrating agents. Rhizobian Gum moisturizes and adds body, Elder Extract  and Grapefruit Seed Extract protect the hair, while Jojoba oil, Silicones, and Mica restore softness and shine to dry and frizzy hair.

How to use it:

Apply the right amount on wet hair, starting from ends and comb through. Blow dry or style as usual.

L’Oréal Professionnel  Texture Expert Gelee Cashmere is a transparent anti-frizz gelee with melting texture to soften and smooth thick hair for a shiny definition.

With anti-frizz and anti-humidity protection to soften hair for a shiny, defined result, L’Oréal Professional Texture Expert Gelee Cashmere, enriched with pearl protein, helps reinforce and smooth sensitized hair.

Directions of use:

  • Apply Gelee Cashmere to the palm of your hand, then apply to clean, towel-dried hair.
  • Blow-dry.

How to use velcro rollers

Velcro rollers are great for creating long lasting wave, curl, and body!

Ballerina Bun

Watch as I teach you how to create a stylish Ballerina Bun!

Products I use religiously

I believe your Shampoo and Conditioner is the foundation of the health of your hair as well as the platform for styling…

I use Davines Melu. It is great for anyone who is trying to grow their hair out or someone with damaged tresses. It contains spinach extract which adds incredible shine.

I believe you should ALWAYS protect yourself…

Wet or dry Melu shield protects my hair up to 428 degrees! MELU / Shield is enriched with Cherry Oil which provides moisturization and nourishment, Keratin which strengthens hair’s structure, and Vitamin E which provides anti-oxidant, repairing action.

Every girl needs a Beautifying potion….

OI / OIL is a potion of absolute beauty to all hair types, created to give exceptional softness and shine to hair, without weighing it down. OI/OIL combines the detangling and anti-frizz action with an intense anti-oxidant and anti-radical action, combining in a single use styling and treatment.


Get a grip…

I love Invisible styling cream! Rice and Soy Proteins condition and restructure hair for volume and brilliance while Avocado Oil and Rice Bran Oils deeply nourish, moisturize and soften. Sunflower Seed Oil and UV Filters combat the action of free radicals and protect hair from sun and heat styling.

I have bad memory so I depend on my hairspray…

Infinium 3 is the essential fast drying finishing spray for lasting form, construction and holding power. Lock in styles with ultra-fast dry time and intense shape memory. Styles are secure yet still maintain a brushable, natural touch, reflecting elegance with smooth, humidity protected, satin shine. Use as a finishing “top-coat” for defining shine and structure.