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What shoes to wear this spring








Peep toeFLAUNT


Chrochet TOMS





Makeup extravaganza!

Today I went on shopping adventure with some very trendy girls.

 Left Top- Shaheera Bhutto, the Michael Jackson lover
 Left Bottom- Sophia Spoto, guilty of food envy
 Right Top- Moi Kristen Linares, going with the flow
 Right Bottom-Sydney Scott, the nice girl paparazzi

We very seriously browsed and shopped Nordstrom makeup counters. Makeup artist Megan Dugan was very helpful in showing us all the new stuff!

YSL had some amazing new lip tints. They were very smooth and glossy!

A great new line of affordable skin care! I bought Mario Badescu enzyme cleansing gel in a travel size for $7! Buying something new in a travel size is the best way to go when trying something new. However, Sophia highly recommends this line especially the enzyme cleansing gel,toner, & moisturizer. She has amazing skin so I’ll take her word for it.


Our day want not finished without a slice of cheecheesecake from The Cheesecake  Factory!



Happy New Year! 2012

There’s nothing sexier than an organized/ financially stable human being! This year I kicked off with a solid budget and savings plan using www.mint.com This is an amazing tool for anyone! It notifies you when you are over budget, when your bills are due, and how much debt to cash you actually have. AMAZING.

Of course with each new year we hope for good health. This year I started with the health of my skin. I promise to wash my face morning and night and ALWAYS remove my makeup before bed. With my new Clarisonic Mia www.Nordstrom.com this should be no problem and for nights when I am exhausted I vow to use makeup remover wipes!
If you invest in the Mia like I did you MUST clean it after every use and replace the brush every 3 months. This tool will grow bacteria if you are not mindful. I have been soaking my brush head in alcohol+water and blow drying it.

Good luck everyone! Have a wonderful New Year!