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Fall 2012 Beauty: How to be a trendsetter




I absolutely love Fall. The air is crisp, the leaves are changing, and all my favorite coffee shops add pumpkin spice to their menu. It really is the perfect season. When it comes to Fall beauty, rich healthy hair and skin never goes out of style. Most people who seek beauty advice from someone like me, might believe I’m some kind of genius when it comes to beauty trends. I have a confession. I am not a genius. Not at all. However, I am ALWAYS google searching #Fall20.. #Fall hair and makeup trends #Fall hair color and etc. way before the season begins.

Here are a few ways to stay on top of trends and fool your friends into thinking YOU are the beauty Guru.

STEP ONE: Google—>Online Store Images—>Pinterest

Do your research and find what speaks to you. By searching “Fall trends” and other keywords pertaining to beauty you will find an overwhelming amount of Fall inspired images. I like to save the looks I love in a file or pin them to my pinterest board. Definitely check out your favorite stores online. Since you like the style of clothing you will most likely like or love the hair and makeup they choose for their promotional ads.

STEP TWO: Draw inspiration from New York Fashion Week



Now, just because a designer decides to put a mask on their models face    doesn’t necessarily mean you should wear one too. Fashion week is an acquired taste. You have to interpret the looks in your own way. For example when I see a ton of texture in the clothing, I would rock a sleek/ polished hairstyle to balance it out or vice versa. ALWAYS be yourself . Trendsetters are trendsetters because they are confident in their choices.




Great Hair Color calls for a Great Colorist. Amazing hairstyles, are the result of products that are gentle on your hair/ skin and work for your hair type. Don’t cut corners when it comes to what goes on your body! Your hair is one of your best accessories, you wear it everyday!

Writer’s Block

Days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months. Writer’s block is the death of a great blog. I created Beauty and the Brain to inspire you (the reader) to live beautifully, healthy, and intelligently. I would like to share the fact that I am only human and as much as I would like to have answers for everything, I don’t. Here are my thoughts on writer’s block and how I get inspired…


How to cure writer’s block…

ONE: Grab some coffee! I can’t express how motivated I get with a few sips of caffeine! I am obsessed with Downtown St. Louis’ coffee shop Washington Ave Post! I highly recommend the Almond Mocha!




TWOPinterest of course!! I recently stumbled upon a great website called The Beauty Department… talk about tons of beauty inspiration! I am in love!


THREE: Nature is one of my biggest inspirations especially this time of year. I think about how the seasons influence fashion and our desire to transition our image like nature does.


FOUR: Just write! When you can’t find the words just write about the first topic that comes to mind even if it means writing about writer’s block! ; P

Inspire yourself!

I don’t know about you, but I’m extremely motivated by visuals. Recently I stumbled across www.pinterest.com. Amazing! You can organize all your wants and dreams on different boards. I have a dream home, my style, I love, and etc. I have to warn you this site is addicting and you may spend a good portion of your free time pinning so beware! So… you can save and organize a bunch of pictures, so what! Oh no, the fun doesn’t stop there. Not only can you organize images but when you click on the image it will bring you to the site it came from where there will be step by step instructions, recipes, and so much more! It’s safe to say I am a pintrest addict and I am perfectly fine with this.

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