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Becoming an editorial stylist..

Working for Product Club color Accessories www.productclub.com  has drilled in my mind just how important professional presentation really is. Over the past few years I have been investing in high quality hair and makeup tools. The problem is I had no place to store or transport them, until now. I have purchased a Zuca!

Another huge step closer to my dreams : )

A stylist is only as good as their tools

Today felt like Christmas! I walked into the Matthew Robert break room to find a lovely sized box from Product Club. They were nice enough to gift me some tools this holiday season.

In my box of goodies I found…

Product Club tripod… This thing is awesome. Not only does it come in a sturdy carrying case, but the post is adjustable for different size mannequin heads. Some heads have bigger holes! click here to learn more—> http://www.productclub.com/content/tripod

Great Grip Clips… These clips are so sleek and professional looking. I love that they have a strong hold while keeping even tension on what they are gripping! click here to learn more–> http://productclub.com/content/great-grip-clips

Reusable Gloves…I like to be nice to the earth and reuse as much as possible! The point of difference on these bad boys is the extra long wrist, they save sleeves! click here to learn more–> http://productclub.com/products/gloves/reusable-gloves

Thank youuu Product Club! You know how to motivate a professional colorist!