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How I wore my hair today

I am so excited for Spring 2012! Especially since it was about 24 degrees today here in St. Louis! On a Saturday morning at 7am I am the complete opposite of awake and cheerful, therefore I need a quick and easy way to style my hair. Working in a salon I need to always portray a fashionable image so today I was inspired by the March issue of Vanity Fair. Oh how I want a closet full of pastels!

*The hairstyle I chose is the one on the right ; p

To get the look…

  • Use a dry shampoo to absorb any excess oils. This also gives the hair some grip making it easy to maneuver. I ❤ Big Sexy dry shampoo.
  • Establish a deep side part and gently brush the hair away from your face.
  • Split the back of your hair in half and secure two low ponytails about an inch apart.
  • Tease each ponytail to create exaggerated fullness.
  • Take each teased ponytail and form into a full bun. Cup the bun with your hand as you secure with bobby pins.
  • Look at yourself in the mirror to evaluate the shape of the style. Do you need to gently tug on the hair to see more of the bun in front? Do you need to pin back pieces that are falling out?
  • Spray with a firm styling spray like Davines Glam. I love this one because it does not flake and has incredible hold.

P.S.  This look took me about 15minutes. Do not over analyze it just do it! Practice makes you BETTER!

Hairstyles for the girl on the go

The average woman does not have a professional stylist at her disposal nor does she have patience for her hair. What a woman does have is the ability to learn and understand…

Take a look at Camilla Belle, she has a great cut for her face shape and probably normal to fine texture with a slight wave. Let’s assume your hair has similar characteristics. You can easily enhance your wave with a sea salt spray and diffuser. Simply part your hair how you want it. Then spray the product generously all over your hair followed by diffusing the hair dry with a medium heat. Once the hair is dry you can spray a little more sea salt spray and scrunch with your hands.

Add a headband to instantly glam up your waves…

A messy updo is a girls best friend…

Gather hair gently where you want your chignon to sit and begin to coil the hair until it looks like a small bun. Cup one hand over the bun and begin to insert bobby pins until it feels secure. If some strands fall out, no worries this is a “messy” bun. Finish with hairspray.