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How to wear a scarf in your hair

Don’t wash your hair!

Just use some dry shampoo ; p I have two favorites…..


Big Sexy dry shampoo is my favorite! It creates beautiful volume while absorbing oils. It’s great for creating a updo on “dirty” hair. The only downfall is you will really be excited to wash it out of your hair by the end of the day. So I recommend using this one on the very last day of “dirty” hair.



Redken’s Powder Refresh dry shampoo leaves your hair smelling amazing and clean! There’s no hold factor and no unsightly white residue! Also, this stuff is great to banish nightlife odors ;p

Redken Chromatics

Redken Chromatics is an Oil Delivery system that leaves the hair in better health after being colored. It will even make virgin hair healthier! The color is odorless so no more watery eyes! The Oil coats the cuticle of the hair and pushes the color molecule deep into the cortex to create strong healthy color. I was lucky enough to attend the Chromatics presentation tonight hosted by State Beauty Supply and I have to say I was very impressed. I can’t wait to get my hands on this color. It’s beautiful! Great depth and high shine what more could you want?!

The best way to compare this color line is like cell phone technology…

Flip phone= traditional hair color containing ammonia
Smart phone= Redken Chromatics

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with sticking to traditional color, however life is way easier with the smart phone equivalent! Who doesn’t want to improve the condition of their hair all while receiving a new beautiful-vibrant color!? The conditioning effects last for up to 41 shampoos that’s about 6 weeks! Perfect timing considering that’s about the time you’ll be due for your touch up.

I heart Redken Chemistry Shots

Redken has some great information on what distressed hair actually is and what to do about it. I swear by chemistry shots. They make your hair feel incredibly strong and add shine! This month at Matthew Robert Color + Design you can win a complimentary Redken chemistry shot when you post your New Years Resolution to our facebook page!


An exclusive, professional in-salon service, Redken Chemistry offers intense, customized treatments for whatever your hair needs – whether it’s moisture, color protection, strength, softness, control, or a combination of these benefits! Each treatment also has a corresponding take-home regimen so you can maintain the incredible results after you leave the salon.

Who is Redken Chemistry for?

A deep conditioning treatment such as Redken Chemistry is great for distressed hair. Distressed hair is weakend hair that has been physically changed in some way. There are two key types of hair distress:

  • CHEMICAL DISTRESS: caused by overuse of chemical services such as haircolor, lightening, perming or straightening
  • MECHANICAL DISTRESS: caused by normal wear and tear from blow-drying, curling and flat irons, and every day brushing


Redken Chemistry offers six “shots” that can be blended for truly personalized solutions:

  • Extreme Shot Phase for distressed hair
  • Color Extend Shot Phase for color-treated hair
  • Clear Moisture Shot Phase for normal/dry hair
  • All Soft Shot Phase for dry/brittle hair
  • Smooth Down Shot Phasee for very dry/unruly hair
  • Real Control Shot Phase for dense/dry/sensitized hair
  • Time Reset Filler Shot Phase for porous, age-weakened hair.

How to Blow dry your hair

It’s Friday again! That means another tutorial from mee! Enjoy!


 Jaws Sectioning Clips

  • Unique double-spring design automatically adjusts to hold even large sections of hair
  • Super-grip “teeth” keep sections secure
  • Professional quality – strong, durable ABS plastic
  • Stainless steel springs and rivets won’t rust when exposed to water or chemicals
  • 4 Clips per package; two-tone black/silver color