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Wanna see my muscles?

Have you ever seen a car battery with corrosion?

It can be very similar to the toxins or knots that build up on or around your muscles. The big difference is we can’t remove them with a wire brush! Yes, getting a massage is always great but who really can afford to get one weekly? I wish I could say I can but that would be so unbelievably far from the truth. I do however have an answer to your tight muscles or lack there of…


Yoga not only improves your flexibility, range of motion, and stress levels, but it also is great for defining muscle! Now back to the whole car battery thing. Imagine sitting at a computer desk working away five or six days a week. Your posture is a bit slumped, your wrists a bit soar, and you develop tension in your face from squatting at a bright screen all day. Yoga allows you to warm up your areas of tension and gently chip away the stiffness. Not only do you feel more relaxed but YOU CAN SEE YOUR MUSCLES because all the “corrosion” is broken up.

With all the hype of my Grand Opening at Thirteenth and Washington http://www.ThirteenthandWashington.com I very much-needed some yoga time.

Yoga Six is a beautiful new studio that has opened up just off of Hampton in St. Louis. I was amazed by the eco-friendly touches and awesome stone floor mats in the women’s locker rooms. (Seriously you have to stand on them..awesome.)

If you go to the Yoga Six website http://www.yogasix.com you can print out a voucher good for 6 free session to be redeemed in two weeks. What a great way to try a new studio! Just for the record I was not asked nor was I paid to write about this. I simply love yoga and enjoyed my experience at Yoga Six.

For my first class I tried “Athletic Deep Stretch”. I really wanted to loosen up my tight muscle and de-stress. The instructor, Miranda Wall was great! In the beginning of the class she asked if there was anything we wanted to work on. Of course I chimed in, ” Arms, elbows, and shoulders please! I do hair for a living.” The classroom was 85 degrees and surprisingly very comfortable with a slight refreshing breeze. I am so thrilled with the way I feel and can’t wait to go back for more!

Workout for better posture

We finally have caught a break from the bitter cold and darkness. Despite my one hour lack of sleep, I feel better than ever. I can’t express how much the darkness and cold affects my motivation. I literally hibernate. And eat. A lot. Today I felt so much different!

The sun was shining, the air smelled wonderful, and I was able to treat the Oz Monster to a much-needed walk in the freshly cut grass. Ironically, last night not even knowing the weather would be this beautiful, I googled pilates classes. I wanted to stretch my body and work out my kinks, you know shake winter off a bit. That’s when I stumbled across Pilates + Yoga http://www.pilatesyogastudio.com I can’t tell you how many times I have driven past this place on McCausland, always promising myself I would take a class there.

I totally took advantage of the free class! It was awesome! Erin was my pilates tower instructor. She made it easy to understand and really made sure my body position was correct, in order to get the most out of my session. I can’t express how much tension was lost during this class. Just when I thought my amazing experience was over I was “pursued” to get a chair massage with Vernice.

AMAZING!! Vernice is an intuitive therapist. She was right on when it came to relaxing my tense shoulders. Her massage was better than any 1hour massage I could have received from my monthly massage membership which will remain anonymous *cough*cough* massageluxe. Sorry massageluxe I’m not really satisfied with your mediocre service when there are places like Pilates + Yoga that express genuine customer service and industry knowledge. Thank you Vernice! You will see me again!

I can’t wait to go back again. I definitely would like to try kettle bell and continue pilates. Before leaving I asked how long they have been open. I was shocked to find out they’ve been there for 8 years because they had the enthusiasm of a new business! Beautiful place!