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Whether you’re running out the door to run some errands or meeting a friend for a lunch date, this effortless style will become your best friend.  First you’ll need a few styling products, a blow dryer, and a round brush.  You’ll want to start with fresh, clean hair because you’ll be using a brush and blow dryer to give you body and wave.  Start by generously applying Davines Oi all in one milk throughout the hair from mid shaft to ends.
oi allThis product doesn’t only detangle and add shine, but controls frizz, gives body without weighing down the hair (which makes it okay to use more towards your scalp as well) all while protecting your precious locks from any heated styling tools.  Continue by getting the hair about 80% dry using your blow dryer and either your fingers, a paddle brush, or whatever you’d like, really.  Once you feel it’s almost dry and maybe looking a little frizzy, don’t worry, you’ll be getting out your round brush now.  Also feel free to add some more of that Oi all in one milk and using it on each section.  Starting at the bottom near the neck area, start round brushing the hair to give a silky smooth effect.  After each section is completely smoothed out and dry, twist the hair in the direction you round brushed and leave it to cool! Continue on with that technique until all you have left is your front pieces.  Now you’ll either bring your round brush towards, or away from the face depending on how you want your face framed.
1063_default_l Add some Davines medium hold hairspray to add a sheer hold, and an amazing light fragrance to the hair and you’re ready to go!
​Now for more of a polished look, you’ll just be adding one extra product and a few extra minutes into your schedule.  You’ll also need a 1 1/4 curling iron. 31lTOa0yNIL
Start by focusing on the top section (about one inch from the part) going piece by piece wrapping the hair around the barrel without clamping down on the strand.  Before curling each piece you’ll want to spray the medium hold hairspray by Davines.  If you go in one direction with the first piece, go the opposite way with the next.  That will ultimately create a more effortless look.  You’ll want to brush out each curl once it’s cooled for only about 3 seconds (literally).  Once finished with the top section you’re finished!! image3I love that it doesn’t require curling the whole head.  Lastly, and sparingly, add Davines Oi Absolute Beautifying Potion to give a luminous finish.  Throw on a nude lip, some mascara, and comb through the brows with a clear brow gel and your look is complete!
Until next time xxxxo -Amber Perry

HOW TO: Travel the world and meet cool people.

So many times I hear “Wow! You get to do work on so many cool projects! I wish I could be like you!” Here’s my BIG secret. You can! The only way I have been able to travel and develop relationships with other successful people has been on my own dime and “Just Do It!” attitude. I will admit there are times when I want to throw up a little when I see the money I’ve spent however, it is money well invested. When you come up with a clear plan and purpose for any trip it is always so worth it!

My most recent trip has been New York Fashion Week for the Spring 2015 collections. I was invited by fellow blogger Lindsay Pattan, Marketing manager for ALIVE magazine, to travel with a group of local fashion bloggers. This made our stay at The Gem Hotel affordable. Not the most comfortable when you consider the amount of luggage fashion/ beauty bloggers travel with and how tiny NY bathrooms really are but the goal isn’t to hang out in the room.

Since my passion is beauty, lifestyle, and wellness attending all the fashion shows wasn’t high priority. Instead I wanted to live day to day life in Manhattan during fashion week and create content for this lovely little blog of mine. I scheduled meetings, interviews, and experiences with some of my favorite beauty professionals so get ready for a series of NYFW related posts!

To begin this series of posts let’s start with HOW TO plan for success…


Reach out to people you know that are involved in interesting day to day activities that you’re passionate about.


Jorge Blanco & Joseph DiMaggio (Davines North America) were kind enough to make time to chat with me about all things Davines!



Nathan Rosenkranz (lead stylist for Deola & Clan, Alterna Haircare) I asked Nate if I could tag along backstage and interview him for my blog and instead he offered me a spot on his styling team for the show! It was a blast!



I don’t like to kill trees with silly Thank You notes but showing gratitude is important. I’ve found these awesome note cards at Left Bank Books in St. Louis, MO. The card itself can be planted and it later blossoms into flowers! How cool is that?! That’s definitely one way to leave a lasting impression and be kind to mother nature of course 🙂

Stay tuned for more posts about my NYC trip!

These are a few of my favorite things…

I love Sundays! I feel such a sense of renewal. It’s a day to take your time waking up and enjoy some fresh air! Many are obsessed with football games and I regret to inform you that I could careless. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the occasional beer, wings, and game. I just don’t build my Sunday Fundays around it. I guess I’m just your average girly-girl.

So here are a few of my little moments and things that I love on any given Sunday…


I can’t think of a better way to wake up on a Sunday! Plus I love the pumpkin they draw on my latte! Check out Gelateria Tavolini in downtown St. Louis, MO.


Minimal Makeup and glowing skin is my general rule to Sunday. Today I spritzed a hint of CHANEL’S “Mademoiselle” onto my scarf. My Sunday attire was inspired by the lovely CHANEL polish colors! I love EcoTools Sheer Finish Kabuki for giving my foundation an airbrushed finish. Blissoma’s “Intense Hydration Tonique” is perfect for setting my makeup and giving me that extra bit of moisture I am looking for.

disheveled braids

Who needs perfect hair all the time? Not me! For this quick and easy style I created two French braids in an asymmetrical fashion on both sides. I then intertwined the braids when they reached my neck to create one. Need added texture? Try a bit of Davines Sea Salt Spray!


My main man Charlie and I love cuddling up and posting away! 🙂

New Year New You

2013 is finally here so let’s start it off on the right foot! The year ending is always a feeling of shaking off the old and embracing the new. Don’t give yourself a chance to slip back in to old habits. Shake it off and run!



The alarm goes off. Jump out of bed like your ass is on fire! Don’t even think about “snoozing”. I know it sounds dreadful but I guarantee when you slip into that nice warm shower you’re going to feel awesome!

Some of my favorite morning rituals:

  • Washing my face with Blissoma Free Makeup Remover and Cleansing gelBlissoma-Free-lg
  • COFFEE preferably from the Washington Ave Post ❤ the almond mocha latte!Urdhva Dhanurasana, Wheel pose, back bend
  • A few quick yoga poses to work out the bedtime kinks. *Any type of back bend will energize and wake your body up.


You’ve worked hard and probably let yourself go in the process. Give yourself a break and go to the salon. Get the works! You will leave with a new confidence and drive to be the best version of “You”

Book these services for a brand new you:

  • Dimensional color and clear glaze
  • Deep conditioning treatment
  • Haircut
  • Brow wax/ shaping
  • main/ pedi
  • facial
  • massage

**If your in St. Louis you can book these services with me! Book online here:  https://www.styleseat.com/kristenlinares

STEP THREE: tumblr_m528qsBuoE1qz6f9yo1_500

Stock up on anything that will keep you feeling upbeat and good about yourself. Trust me, once you spend the money and realize what a difference it makes on your mindset you will make it work for your budget year round. Now I’m not saying go out and buy a brand new Mercedes. All I’m saying is if the shampoo your stylist uses on you makes you feel like Kate Middleton splurge a little and forget the V05 that makes your hair resemble hay.

Some of my must haves:

  • cute planner to plan your new year goals
  • Hair and Makeup products designed for your hair and skin type. (recommended by your beauty professional) **I love Original Mineral & Davines haircare!
  • A good razor and shaving cream or esthetician!
  • Healthy foods that give you energy not cheaper processed foods that bring you down.
  • Fresh air!! It’s free and mind-blowing!
  • Quiet time with a soy candle burning

Follow your <3

Follow your heart and happiness will follow you. I believe listening to yourself is one of the most important things you can do. Yes, friends and family are always out for your best interest but only you and you alone can decide which path to follow. Living a life planned by anyone other than yourself is a road to boredom and disappointment.

“You can talk with someone for years, everyday, and still, it won’t mean as much as what you can have when you sit in front of someone, not saying a word, yet you feel that person with your heart, you feel like you have known the person for forever…. connections are made with the heart, not the tongue.”
― C. JoyBell C.

Now don’t forget to SMILE…


Makes Us Attractive,Changes Our Mood,Is Contagious, Relieves Stress, Boosts Your Immune System, Lowers Your Blood Pressure, Releases Endorphins, Lifts the Face and Makes You Look Younger, Makes You Seem Successful, and Helps You Stay Positive!