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HOW TO: Glow for the Holidays

  If you are anything like me, you have worked your face off the past few weeks. Literally! High stress work environments during the holidays bring on such wonderful things like breakouts, dryness, and dullness. Gross. So now is your time to shine my friends! Here are a few things you can do to get your glow back…


With the dryness winter brings it’s as if your whole body develops are hard shell. You must break through all the nasty dead stuff to expose the beauty underneath.

FOR THE BODY: Make your own sugar scrub! Its super easy and you can find all the ingredients in your kitchen. Add some of your favorite essential oils if you want to make it a little special. Check out this awesome recipe I found on “Love Grows Wild”

Prep time
5 mins
Total time
5 mins
This Homemade Mint Sugar Scrub is the perfect DIY gift idea! Inexpensive and easy to make!
Author: Liz Fourez
  • ½ cup coconut oil
  • 1½ – 2 cups sugar
  • 1 tablespoon peppermint extract
  • 1 drop green food coloring
  1. Place coconut oil in a bowl and microwave on HIGH 15-25 seconds until softened.
  2. Start by adding 1½ cups sugar to the oil, along with the peppermint extract and green food coloring. Mix until ingredients are well combined and food coloring is evenly distributed. If mixture is too wet, add another ½ cup sugar until scrub is to desired consistency.
  3. Spoon scrub into air-tight containers (such as a mason jar) and decorate with twine or ribbon.

FOR THE FACE: Which is a little more sensitive. I have discovered the holy grail of exfoliates! Blissoma’s “Glow” exfoliating powder is pure genius. Instead of scrubbing away dead skin cells, which can cause more damage than good, Glow contains natural enzymes that dissolves the dead skin! Also, you can mix this into your favorite cleanser or use alone with a little bit of water. Like I said, GENIUS!!  For more in depth information on this product click the photo. Blissoma.com has so much valuable free information!untitledFOR THE HAIR: You must remove build up of oils and product before you can feed your hair moisture. My absolute favorite clarifying shampoo is Davines SOLU shampoo. Solu refreshing solution shampoo has an innovative formula that effectively removes hairspray residues and other styling products, respecting the physiology of the hair and scalp. Thanks to its natural active ingredients, deep cleanses and instantly moisturize.1040_default_lSTEP TWO: GET GLOSSY!

Now that you have removed all that unnecessary gunk we can create the ultimate vibrancy and shine!

FOR THE BODY: As soon as I get out of the shower, before patting dry, I immediately spray myself with Davines’ DeStress lotion. It’s crazy how soft my skin feels after using this! It has the same effect as Rain-X has to your car windshield! The water beads right off exposing super soft-glossy skin! Its velvety texture ensures fast easy absorption. The formula is enriched with UV filter that protects hair & skin from damage caused by sun exposure. Hair looks soft and silky, and the skin nourished.1031_default_lFOR THE FACE: I can not go a single day without my Blissoma Restore oil! This is literally the only moisturizer that hydrates my skin properly and keeps my lips chap free in the winter. I recommend applying to clean skin in the am, adding a few drops to your foundation, and applying to clean skin again before bed.

“Young, healthy skin is protected by its own natural oils but as skin ages it produces less, leaving it vulnerable to environmental damage and stress. The right balance of antioxidant-rich seed oils offers regenerating nutrients without clogging or greasiness. Restore Oil Serum provides an elegant shield to keep skin looking firm and glowing.” -Julie Longyear1FOR THE HAIR: Feed your hair moisture and it will give you incredible shine! When the hair is properly hydrated it is soft and reflective of light due to the cuticle layer laying flat as it should. The Davines OI products were designed for all hair types and textures to create softness, shines, and protect the hair from the environment and natural aging. Roucou oil, which is the most prominent ingredient in the line is responsible for prevent hair aging & having a strong anti-oxidant action.images8179RL8U

Spring 2014 Haircolor Collection by Kristen Linares

This year I decided to create my own version of what I felt looked good for Spring 2014.

It’s easy to follow the trends so the challenge of creating my own collection seemed fun!  I was inspired by the shine and texture of bird feathers and the soft pastel colors Spring introduces to us each season. Great hair color should grow out seamlessly. Instead of “needing” to get a touch up in 6-8 weeks you should just feel excited to enhance your look a bit further because you want to.

Ombre to Sombre. Redheads look beautiful in rich coppers and golds this season.

Hair Black as Ebony. Hints of Blue give the darkest hair the appearance of texture and incredible shine.

GoldenSand Blondes. Keeping depth at the root gives the ends a bright yet soft feel.

Creamy Mocha Brunette. Add subtle honey highlights to your brunette locks for texture and shine.

Haircolor & Styling by: Kristen Linares    Photographer: Adam Robinson

My Spring 2014 Haircolor collection was created using Davines haircolor and Styling products.

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Products I use religiously

I believe your Shampoo and Conditioner is the foundation of the health of your hair as well as the platform for styling…

I use Davines Melu. It is great for anyone who is trying to grow their hair out or someone with damaged tresses. It contains spinach extract which adds incredible shine.

I believe you should ALWAYS protect yourself…

Wet or dry Melu shield protects my hair up to 428 degrees! MELU / Shield is enriched with Cherry Oil which provides moisturization and nourishment, Keratin which strengthens hair’s structure, and Vitamin E which provides anti-oxidant, repairing action.

Every girl needs a Beautifying potion….

OI / OIL is a potion of absolute beauty to all hair types, created to give exceptional softness and shine to hair, without weighing it down. OI/OIL combines the detangling and anti-frizz action with an intense anti-oxidant and anti-radical action, combining in a single use styling and treatment.


Get a grip…

I love Invisible styling cream! Rice and Soy Proteins condition and restructure hair for volume and brilliance while Avocado Oil and Rice Bran Oils deeply nourish, moisturize and soften. Sunflower Seed Oil and UV Filters combat the action of free radicals and protect hair from sun and heat styling.

I have bad memory so I depend on my hairspray…

Infinium 3 is the essential fast drying finishing spray for lasting form, construction and holding power. Lock in styles with ultra-fast dry time and intense shape memory. Styles are secure yet still maintain a brushable, natural touch, reflecting elegance with smooth, humidity protected, satin shine. Use as a finishing “top-coat” for defining shine and structure.

Take care of your hair!

It’s amazing to me how many people don’t know how to properly wash and blow dry their hair. It really is simple and I would like to explain how.

Step 1 : Find a product line you love and stick with it. Consistency is key. I LOVE Davines! http://davines.com/home.html

Step 2: Within the line you choose have your stylist recommend the right formula for your hair type. For instance I use Melu for long/damaged hair, it provides my long growing hair with proteins to keep it strong and spinach extract for incredible shine.

When Shampooing create a nice lather and massage your scalp. This will give your scalp good blood circulation resulting in a healthier scalp and faster hair growth. After shampooing squeeze excess water out and apply your conditioner to mid lengths and ends only. Your natural oils will moisturize your scalp. Use a wide tooth comb to detangle and let conditioner sit in your hair until the end of your shower.

Step 3: STOP using a towel to dry your hair! Use a 100% cotton t-shirt. It is more gentle on the hair’s cuticle due to less friction. When you wrap your hair in the t-shirt it will literally suck the moisture out of your strands resulting in faster drying time and less frizz.

Step 4: ALWAYS use a heat protectant!
*Melu shield protects up to 428 degrees!!

Step 5: Apply your styling product and always comb through to ensure even saturation.

Step 6: A great blow out always begins with clean sectioning. So take your time and have patience. You will want to push the water down and out of the strand making sure your airflow is directed over the hair not right on top. This will keep the cuticle closed so it can reflect light which results in shine!

Practice makes perfect!