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Redken Chromatics

Redken Chromatics is an Oil Delivery system that leaves the hair in better health after being colored. It will even make virgin hair healthier! The color is odorless so no more watery eyes! The Oil coats the cuticle of the hair and pushes the color molecule deep into the cortex to create strong healthy color. I was lucky enough to attend the Chromatics presentation tonight hosted by State Beauty Supply and I have to say I was very impressed. I can’t wait to get my hands on this color. It’s beautiful! Great depth and high shine what more could you want?!

The best way to compare this color line is like cell phone technology…

Flip phone= traditional hair color containing ammonia
Smart phone= Redken Chromatics

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with sticking to traditional color, however life is way easier with the smart phone equivalent! Who doesn’t want to improve the condition of their hair all while receiving a new beautiful-vibrant color!? The conditioning effects last for up to 41 shampoos that’s about 6 weeks! Perfect timing considering that’s about the time you’ll be due for your touch up.