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Interview with Jodi Arnold of Eloquii

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing The Limited’s Head Designer of their plus size line Eloquii, Jodi Arnold. The line launched in November due to women voicing their struggles with no longer fitting in The Limited’s line of clothing after childbirth. Jodi has been with The Limited for 10 months and has successfully designed a line that not only fits the average women but makes her feel sexy and confident!

The Limited cares about a woman’s career and personal success. Yes beauty comes from within but it’s also a huge self-esteem boost when you look great on the outside as well!

I asked Jodi what the must have pieces are for Summer 2012 and here’s what she had to say…

-White skinny jeans

-Caftan top which is comfortable, stylish, and breezy

-long flowy dress

To shop the styles go to http://www.eloquii.com

I’m so excited to attend Eloquii’s fashion event this Friday at the St. Louis Galleria! The collection looks beautiful. There’s no doubt women will love it!

I <3 O&M

I am so excited to carry the entire Original Mineral line! I love everything about this line from the smell to the story behind the company!



Here are some of the ‘everyday’ chemicals they’ve left out of their haircare and styling products.

Phthalates – Cling to the hair to give it fragrance and also gives hair product such as gels more staying power. Exposure to phthalates in pregnant women can cause harm during critical periods of a child’s development.

Sulfates – Are used to clean the hair of its natural oils leaving the hair feeling dry and looking matte. Denatures skin proteins and largely effects people with contact dermatitis.

Parabens – Have antifungal and antibacterial properties that act as a preservative for maintaining freshness and longer product shelf life. One of the leading chemicals that can cause skin irritation and contact dermatitis.

Propylene Glycol – Used to bind many haircare products together and retain moisture content not only on the hair but also in packaging. Propylene glycol has been linked to causing headaches, backaches and kidney problems.

M.I.T. – Methylisothiazolinone prevents bacteria. Due to the high exposure to the scalp through haircare, MIT in hair products greatly damages skin cells, causing itching, flaking and soreness on the scalp.

Triciosan – Another chemical that is used to kill bacteria on the hair. Triclosan’s manufacturing process can also create dioxin, a powerful hormone disrupter that can have long term health effects.

I love doing hair and I feel that this line is going to prolong my career as a stylist due to the low amount of harsh chemicals. It is important to me to create great hair color as well as protect my skin, environment, and self from harm.



SURF BOMB This texture spray is a shot of the sea when a dunk in the ocean isn’t possible. Surf Bomb delivers that effortless, sexy tousled look without drying out your hair or dumping sand in the shower.Surf Bomb


Unlike most Sea salt sprays, I feel like surf bomb leaves the hair hydrated & glossy. It creates incredibly controlled texture for curly or wavy girls! I LOVE the fact that it is a UV & color guard making it a must have for summer.







ORIGINAL DETOX Bank on me to remove deposits. Using styling products, swimming in chlorine and the natural build up of oils can make you look dull on top. Australian River Mint deeply cleanses without stripping essential oils, and Peppermint Oil leaves a cooling effect.Original Detox


Everyone should have these two in their cleansing rotation. If you feel like your daily shampoo and conditioner is beginning to leave your hair lifeless and limp, then it’s time to detox! There’s no need to invest in a whole new set of shampoo and conditioners just give your daily S &C a break and bust out this amazing and invigorating duo. You won’t regret it!

Summer Hair 2012

Summer 2012 is just about here, and although we’ve been having humidity free weather (at least in STL)I just know we are all about to start melting in the near future. Here are a few styles to keep you cool and Fro free…

Braids (They will always be in when its hot)

Cute headbands

Hair accessories Free People Summer 2012

Bang it and Bun it (focus your styling time on taming those bangs and throw the rest into a messy bun!)

Summer Hair Trend

More to come! Stay tuned!